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10 of our favourite designers using colour right now

These designers know how to use colour in innovative and playful ways that leave us breathless – and we know you'll feel the same

Home of Lucy Williams
10 of our favourite designers using colour right now
Lori Bolon
August 1, 2022

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There was once a time when designers and their clients were scared of colour, opting for a safer option with neutrals. Now we’re seeing bolder and louder interiors. From bedrooms to living rooms and even bathrooms – colour is in. 

However, using colour can be tricky… Yet some designers make it look easy. Today we’re celebrating them and their eye-catching designs.

01. Lucy Williams

The home of British influencer Lucy Williams uses a different colour palette for each room making every space of the house tell its own story. From soft pinks to bright blues and greens, there is no holding back when it comes to colour.

02. Thea Speke

Thea Speke, interior consultant and curator of vintage furniture, focuses on creating balanced and deeply inviting interiors through the layering of texture and colour. Often building tonally rather than contrasting, her spaces are calming and personalised.

03. Beata Heuman

Playful and whimsical, Beata Heuman sure knows how to bring colour to a space. With no boundaries as to how far one can push it, Heuman’s portfolio of work is a perfect example of not shying away from colour.

04. Kitkemp

It would be impossible to discuss colour and British design without mentioning the bright and playful Kitkemp. Known for their use of colour and pattern, Kitkemp have been instrumental in British interiors with lots of designers drawing inspiration from their iconic style. 

05. Salvesen Graham

Local design studio Salvensen Graham are masters of country interiors. Opting for muted yet impactful colours, their interiors are a combination of colour, pattern and heritage. 

06. Martin Brudnizki

Over the top and unapologetic, Martin Brudnizki has established a name for himself in the industry as a risk-taker. A true creative, designing the unthinkable, it’s no surprise this Sussex home of his makes its way into our favourites. 

07. Studio Ashby

No stranger to colour, Studio Ashby’s work has received a lot of traction in London and there’s a good reason for it. Fresh and modern, Ashby’s designs are truly original in their style and welcoming through the use of colour and playful patterns.

08. Rose Uniake

Iconic British designer Rose Uniake brags an impressive portfolio, working on celebrity homes such as the Beckhams. Uniake’s paired back and modern traditional interiors look gallery-esque, however, the use of colour brings in warmth and familiarity. 

09. Studio Peake

Mixing and matching colours and patterns, Studio Peake are a great example of “more is more”. This Vauxhall home features a yellow living room, blue bedrooms and a green kitchen. Somehow seamlessly working harmoniously together, we can’t get enough of this calming blue bedroom.

10. Albion Nord

The young traditionalist Albion Nord have made quite a reputation for themselves in the interior world. Often showcasing sophisticated neutrals, it’s moments like this we realise they can do no wrong.

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