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The British country homes of your dreams

Natural beauty is a permanent fixture of the UK’s countryside, as are the country homes speckled between its valleys and hills. Meet the most beautiful homes of the country.

Marion Lichtig Cornish house. Cornwall. Interior design.
September 30, 2022
Cornish house by Marion Lichtig

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Since the pandemic, the value of living in the countryside has taken a preeminent position in many people’s minds. Whether you are an urbanite or a land-tethered design enthusiast, one thing we can agree on: country homes offer immense possibilities to designers. For one, many country homes have been standing for centuries, which means designers have robust, inherited structures to play with. And on the other hand: space! The country has so much more square footage in which to experiment and build on.

If you’re a fanatic of country homes, or would like some inspiration for your next design, we have you covered with our favourite English homes. You can expect colourful pattern layering, airy halls, traditional elements and much, much more.

Joanna Wood’s Cotswold house

With a reputation cultivated over 25 years, Joanna Wood is one of Britain's top names in the global interior design industry. Joanna gives her meticulous attention to detail to every project, resulting in a classic design that blends traditional and modern components. Originally built in the 16th century on Saxon foundations, this country home was renovated while preserving the rustic grandeur its first farmer owners had imbued in the structure. 

Retrouvius’ renovation of a Dartmoor house

The Retrouvius design firm uses carefully recycled materials for unique, modern purposes. Taking on a small number of projects each year, each is carefully suited to the client's changing needs as well as the requirements of the location, whether it be a modern penthouse, mediaeval priory, boat, or boutique. When they took over the refreshing of this Dartmoor home, they gave it an aesthetic completely different from other country homes. Instead of opting for the traditional, they went for a laid-back, rustic feel that embraces soft, natural textures and the organic feel of the hills surrounding the estate. The final effect is soft, muted, and earthy, in complete harmony with the powerful structure of the house.

Natasha James’ Yorkshire home

Natasha James is a textile designer who delved deep into her passion for textiles after moving to the North York Moors. She is passionate about exuberant colour combinations, patterns, and creating uplifting and welcoming spaces. Her Yorkshire home is the perfect result of all her creative vision, a deliciously layered space full of joy and play.

Caroline Riddell’s renovation of a Berkshire home

Caroline Riddell is an interior designer known for her warm, elegant but not too “precious” interiors (although we might disagree with that statement!). Her spaces always look styled, but never at the expense of the clients’ personality and homeliness. This 17th century rectory and barn is an exquisite example of Caroline’s style, which feels organically developed yet perfectly balanced.

Marion Lichtig’s renovation of a Cornish house

An accomplished interior designer with over thirty years of experience, Marion Lichtig creates spaces that feel effortless, simple and clean. Her style is classical yet understated, balancing between traditional and contemporary elements. In this Cornish holiday home, the clients initially wanted a completely new modern home. Once that was turned down by local authorities, Marion was brought in to create soft interiors that highlighted the structure of the home and the immense amount of light coming in. The interiors now feel balanced and airy, with comfort at their centre.  

All images by House and Gardens

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