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Gen Z luxury: Aesthetic home spa and walk-in shower ideas

Transform your bathroom into a peaceful oasis with Gen Z-inspired aesthetic home spa and walk-in shower ideas. Elevate your self-care routine with the latest trends and designs.

February 27, 2023
Beautiful walk-in shower by Grohe

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As Gen Z continues to make their mark on the world, their exciting and new design preferences are evolving as well. In the realm of interior design, luxury is taking on a new form with the rise of aesthetic home spas and walk-in showers. With an emphasis on self-care, relaxation, anti-ageing and beauty, these features are becoming must-haves for young homeowners and renters who prioritise wellness in their daily routines.

As part of this trend, aesthetic home spas and walk-in showers are having a huge moment right now. But what’s driving this and how can we better understand Gen Z’s motivations right now?

Decoding home spas and walk-in showers as a trend

When considering this upsurge in interest, the first thing to consider is the rising interest in self-care and wellness. Gen Z has grown up in a world where stress and burnout are commonplace, and the acquisition of relaxation and beauty is more of a luxury than a right. Home spas and walk-in showers offer a convenient and private way to unwind and relax after a long day; they're an oasis in the middle of the home, providing a space to escape from the demands of work and everyday life. To be able to have a room dedicated to wellness is a marker of status and devotion to the cult of the self – a trending interest in this generation. 

Another factor driving this trend is the desire for luxury in the home. For Gen Z, luxury doesn't necessarily mean ostentatious displays of wealth that everyone can gawk at. Instead, it's about creating an environment that's beautiful, functional, and comfortable. A home spa and walk-in shower fit this definition perfectly, providing a luxurious experience that's both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Another reason why home spas and walk-in showers are trending is that they're incredibly versatile. They can be designed to fit any space, from a small bathroom to a large master suite. A home spa might include a sauna, steam room, or hot tub, while a walk-in shower can be customised with features like multiple shower heads, a bench, and a built-in sound system.

Finally, we can’t underestimate the effects of the pandemic, and how it has played a role in the popularity of home spas and walk-in showers. With more people spending time at home in 2020 and 2021, homeowners started looking for ways to create a spa-like experience without leaving their house. These features offered a convenient and safe way to indulge in some self-care without the need to go out in public. And even to this day, we’re seeing the overspill of this trend.

So… we know why the home spa and walk-in shower look is everywhere right now. But how can interior designers design and build upon it in 2023’s designs? Let’s go through some examples and ideas. If you like this sort of content, you’d be remiss to forget our weekly professional interior design newsletter. Subscribe now, thank us later. 

Pink walls, white marble and minimal lines by Flack Studio

This beautiful bathroom is decked out in what appears to be white and grey Calacatta marble, which envelopes the room and walk-in shower in a minimal but totally luxurious vibe. The walk-in shower itself has two extra functions; the shelf to hold treasured beauty items, and a hook to place a towel, so the inhabitant of the home doesn’t have to go one moment uncomfortably cold. The pastel tiles add a touch of playfulness to the space, which is overall softly feminine and hotel-like in its layout. Love!

Pink, white and lilac bathroom with tiles and marble elements by Flack Studio, and photography by Anson Smart

Commercial lights for a real spa experience by Véronique Cotrel

Sometimes, all it takes is a stroke of genius lighting to take a space from a simple bathroom to a home spa. In this case, Véronique Cotrel combined a pastoral wall paper with some expertly chosen shelf lights to give the illusion of a spa within a hotel. The products displayed on the shelves suddenly appear professional, as if a knowledgeable aesthetician had placed them there for onlookers. We love smart choices, and this is one of them!

Parisian apartment bathroom with bath and lit shelves by Véronique Cotrel

Yellow walk-in shower in Menorca by Luis Laplace

This renovation of a 19th century farmhouse in Menorca, Spain could have gone many ways – and all could have been incredible – but we’re totally in love with this eclectic walk-in shower with yellow plexiglass. The contrast between the old wooden furnishings and the white beams and yellow pop is just out of this world. The effect is shocking yet relaxing, a playful synergy between the modern and the old.

Eclectic bathroom with pop of yellow by Luis Laplace

Geometric pastel bathroom by Marcante Testa

Marcante Testa's project in Trieste, inside an early 20th-century building in the historic centre of the city, hides an incredible bathroom that you need to see. While it might seem like a simple basin arrangement, the details are what make it truly incredible. Zoom in and you’ll notice pastel yellowy orange shelves for products, custom matching sockets and switches, a commercial style sconce, deep basins for perfect face washing… Every single thing is thought about and purposeful. And because of that, the space boasts of a tranquil spa-like feel that we love.

Pastel bathroom with geometric tiling and pink walls by Marcante Testa

Watercolour blue tiles in a walk-in shower by Studio Duggan

In a petite but beautifully structured Chelsea home filled with playful colour, pattern and joy you will be able to find the walk-in shower of your dreams. Despite its small stature and width, this shower has all the makings of a home spa experience: recessed shelves, decorated ceilings, gold bathroom fixtures, a half wall that can also act as a showroom for products, unique blue and striped tiles… Simply perfect.

Blue walk-in shower with watercolour and striped tiles with gold accents by Studio Duggan

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