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Hotel-inspired bedrooms, or how to achieve the 5-star suite look

Hotels are the epitome of good sleep, relaxation and comfort; and we’re about to spill their secrets.

Château de Riell Molitg-les-Bains
Château de Riell Molitg-les-Bains
Hotel-inspired bedrooms, or how to achieve the 5-star suite look
Clara Carlino de Paz
August 26, 2022

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It will be to no one’s surprise that hotels are some of the best places around. They elevate everyday experiences with a touch of luxury and comfort. Suddenly, sleeping, eating and relaxing are painted with a gold shade of “je ne sais quoi”. Routine is better, sleep is deeper, food is more delicious. We could go on about this for hours.

However, it is a myth that this feeling cannot be replicated at home. Sure, some of the magic of hotels comes from the lack of responsibility and the distance away from normal life. However, the sensory and visual aesthetics of hotel luxury are transferable to our home and clients’ designs.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to make your design hotel-adjacent and suite-perfect. There are obvious ways to get this feel (i.e. luxury bed sheets), but we’ll be talking about more of the design rather than styling. If you have any suggestions, why not talk to us? We love hearing from you!

01. Warm, indirect lighting

Relais Castello Di Morcote

All hotel rooms have this in common: warm lighting, emanating from various points in a room. This kind of lighting design gives a softer, glowier effect, which is more calming and relaxing than direct lights. Also, this light can be more flattering when looking at yourself in mirrors, as crevasses and wrinkles appear more subdued and flattened. Little photography tip right there!

02. Sultry neutrals

Photography by Nook and Find

Hotels often use neutrals with a pop of something different. Neutrals have the upside of being mostly agreeable and certainly calming. To some, this is boring, but we think you can always adapt neutrals to your tastes. Whether it be a neutral outside the classic beige, or simply a textured wall with something different, there’s something for everyone.

03. Large rugs centred around the bed

Interiors by Amy Morris

Large rugs look absolutely fabulous in hotel rooms, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work in your next design. There are a few ways to use them. You can put them right in front of the bed, below the bed and the bedside tables, or below the bed excluding the bed side tables. Try it out in a variety of ways to see what’s right, and make sure to choose a rug that’s still within your relaxed and limited colour palette.

04. Marble-clad en-suite

Hommes Studio

Something that makes hotel bathrooms stand out from residential ones is the expert use of natural stone. It is easy to clean, visually stunning and simply lavish in the best way possible.

05. Dark elements

Interiors by Sean Anderson

Luxury hotels are rarely scared to splash out on something a little dark and sexy. It gives the room a more adult, gender-neutral feel, while conserving a cool and chic atmosphere. Think whiskey, Tom Ford, vanilla, dark wood… You get the aesthetic. Unapologetically sensual.

06. Locks and handles to die for

Styling by Bayer Builds

Hotel rooms have something special rarely acknowledged: a sense of privacy. Once you’re in that hotel room, you can become impervious to the world around you. Time even loses meaning in a good hotel! To add to this feel in your next design, pay extra attention to your locks and handles.