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How to use textures like a pro: Interior Design Principles 101

Texture is the key to a space that feels alive and exciting. Learn how to wield it like a pro.

Interiors by Jake Arnold
Interiors by Jake Arnold
How to use textures like a pro: Interior Design Principles 101
Clara Carlino de Paz
August 24, 2022

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Texture, similarly to contrast or balance, is a key concept to design spaces like a professional interior designer. In the context of interiors, “adding” texture to a space refers to incorporating materials with different finishes, colours and smoothness levels to achieve a space that feels alive and comforting.

Texture has “visual weight”, which means it can add both interest and bulk to a room. Spaces that lack diversity of texture can sometimes feel dull and uninteresting, because the eye has limited cues on where it should move around. On the other hand, too much texture can feel overwhelming and too stimulating, leading to rooms that feel small and busy. 

The right balance between textures is where the gold standard’s at. Once you start looking out for the effect of textures, you won’t be able to ignore it, but thankfully there are many ways to incorporate different materials in one space. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of our favourite ways to add texture: from rugs to tiles, we’ve got something for you.

01. Rugs, carpets and tapestries

Rug and interiors by Kelly Wearstler

Rugs are some of the most powerful interior design products. Easily interchangeable and infinitely versatile, they can change the atmosphere of a space in no time.

02. Tiles

Bathroom by Romanek Design Studio

A kitchen and bathroom favourite, tiles come in all shapes, sizes and patterns, giving designers full bandwidth to add as much or as little texture as needed.

03. Cement and plaster

Restaurant with clay walls by Minus Workshop

As we mentioned in our fall and autumn 2022 trends, cement and clay plaster walls are having a huge moment right now – and we’re absolutely sure you’ll want to hop onto the trend when you see how well they add texture.

04. Marble

Vanity by Steven Gambrel

A total classic, marble is a perfect material to add the illusion of texture without compromising on a luxe, sophisticated look that screams “sleek”.

05. Wood

Interiors by Jake Arnold

Warm, cool, sleek, rustic… However you like it, there is a perfect wooden floor for you. Fortunately, we have an amazing selection of timber so you can choose your favourite.

06. Wicker

Interiors and wicker products by Atelier Vime

The quintessential rustic staple: wicker. Rough, rural and endlessly chic, we’re obsessed with the effect of wicker. Just a touch of it can totally transform the atmosphere of a room from gloomy to sunny. Gorgeous!

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