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Interior design trends for August 2022

August may be the month of rest and relaxation for some, but not for the interiors world. Designers have been working overtime, and their creativity is shining.

mustard sofa
Hauts-de-Seine Townhouse by Corpus Studio
Interior design trends for August 2022
Lori Bolon
July 31, 2022

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The summer has been hitting all of Europe with a vengance, but the innovation in the interiors industry shows no signs of slowing down. Keep scrolling and find the hottest trends right now.

01. Mustard

Paddington Regency House by Handelsman & Khaw

Move over green, we’re having a mustard moment right now. Yellow has been known to bring happiness into interiors, so it makes sense that this colour is trending after a gloomy couple of years. Note: this isn’t your ordinary yellow, this is mustard – chic, sophisticated and surprising.

Our favourite mustard products right now:

02. Irregular handles

Potts Point Residence by Tamsin Johnson

Handles by Blanche Jelly

It seems like sleek handles have been replaced with something more irregular. Knobs and pull handles with odd shapes are trending in all our favourite kitchens and bathrooms. Bringing a softness and human touch to joinery, this trend is here to stay.

Our fav irregular handles:

03. Wall sconces

La Fantaisie by Bergman & Co
La Fantaisie by Bergman & Co

Whilst this is no new product on the market, wall sconces are becoming a favourite lighting option for designers. Providing a more subtle and moody light than ceiling lights, wall sconces are great if you want to highlight art, wall textures or niches.

Our fav wall sconces:

04. Patterned tiles

Coffeelin Happy Valley by JJ Acuna
Morgan & Mees R’dam, by Anne Claus Interiors

One thing is clear for 2022 and that’s patterned bathroom tiles are a top favourite. Plain white subway tiles were once the crowd favourite, but they're not cutting it right now. Instead, designers are opting to mix it up and bring some personality to spaces. Thankfully, it's not only designers that are favouring patterned tiles; clients are increasingly more open to bold patterns and colours.

Our fav patterned tiles:

05. Travertine

Home of Pernille Teisbaek
Domain Road by Emily Gillis

Travertine is having a moment again on floors, walls and kitchen bench tops. A very durable and easier to care for stone, travertine is designers' favourite right now. In fact, according to Etsy’s 2021 home decor trend report, searches for travertine items were up 211%, while searches for travertine tables were up by 361% in the last three months compared to the same time the previous year. So while the ancient stone is still best known for its use in flooring, you can expect to find it in a wide range of pieces, including coffee tables and chairs.

Our favourite travertine products:

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