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Interior design trends for November 2022

Two months left of 2022, and still the interior design world keeps coming up with new trending pieces. And we’re not mad about it… Especially when they look this good!

Statement fireplace. Interior design fireplace.
October 21, 2022
Interiors by Ulla Johnson

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At the time of publishing this article, there are less than 9 week to Christmas. Oh how the year has flown by! Just when we thought the interior design industry might relax for the rest of the year, it comes back again with wonderful trends that we want to see more of.

The change of seasons has brought a renewed sense of appreciation for the warm and glitzy, perhaps as a preparation for the festive season. We have been noticing a more ornamental approach to styling too, with gold elements and more traditionally luxurious materials making a splash.

While maximalism may still be on the uprise in the industry overall, we are seeing more thoughtful approaches to abundance. Art, sculpture and colour are definitely in the spotlight, but excess for the sake of it is going away. You can expect more careful choices being made by designers, who are prioritising balance and timelessness over trendy, headline-making designs.

If you have any predictions for next year's trends, let us know in our community forum, we’d love to hear from you! Without any further ado, November’s hottest trends.

Statement fireplaces

Cliché, perhaps, but giving protagonist to fireplaces during the Northern hemisphere’s winter is more than a staple; perhaps a tradition! And even during the warmer months, a fireplace is an amazing focal point in a room, which can act as an ornament holder and central piece in a room. Natural materials like stone and marble work great for all seasons, as their coolness to the touch can feel magnetic during summer and amazingly classical during the winter. Love!

Interiors by Roy Cartwright

Complementary colour palettes

This might be the oldest trick in the artist’s book, but putting two opposite colours together (as laid out in a traditional colour wheel) will immediately make each colour pop to the human eye. The results always make rooms feel magnetic and fun. Our top tip would be desaturating the colours chosen, so that green and red pairings don’t look too Christmassy, or purples and yellows like a chocolate wrapper. Marketing got there before interior design, so be wary of those subconscious associations.

Interiors by Studio Loho

Natural materials – beyond the bathroom and kitchen

Marble, granite, quartzite, basalt, limestone… The list goes on, and every option is absolutely amazing. So why keep them enclosed in the kitchen and bathrooms? Besides the aforementioned use of natural materials in fireplaces, it can also be a great touch in coffee tables and other furnishings. It’s totally timeless, and a piece worth investing in.

​​Interiors by Joseph Dirand

Bust sculptures 

An heirloom, museum worthy, forever hypnotic.. What is it? A classical bust of course! A piece with so much gravitas in our collective imaginations looks amazing in all spaces, and they don’t need to be new or well kept: a bit of rusty legacy is what keeps them interesting. Also, busts are great in changing the vibe of a room: they immediately effuse a regal tonality that can’t be ignored. 

Interiors by John Michael Barrow

Crisp linens

A leftover from a majorly warm summer season, crisp linens and cotton fabrics will continue to be with us, even as the temperatures drop. This extended trend might be courtesy of Scandinavian lifestyle blogger Matilda Djerf, who has amassed a cult following, and a personal love for crisp fabric.

Interiors by Athena Calderone

Chandeliers in bathrooms

We told you this month was going to be all about considerate excess, and a chandelier in the bathroom is exactly that. Fun, lavish, and somewhat out of place, just in the right way to make a person double take and smile.

Interior by Jacques Grange

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