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The 2023 kitchen trends you need to know with ABI Interiors

Join ABI Interiors as we discuss the best kitchen trends of 2023 and how to put them in action.

Grey light white kitchen by ABI interiors
Photography by ABI Interiors
The 2023 kitchen trends you need to know with ABI Interiors
Clara Carlino de Paz
June 9, 2023

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Hi, welcome to Portaire! We're so happy to have you here to discuss all things kitchens. Could you tell us a bit about ABI Interiors?

Thanks for having us! We're an Australian fixtures supplier specialising in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Our range embraces simplicity, longevity, and durability, with designs elevating the everyday experience. 

As a comprehensive one-stop shop, we offer an extensive range of interior products, including tapware, basins, sinks, baths, accessories, and much more. 

While mainly operating online, we also have well-appointed showrooms worldwide, including London, Auckland, Melbourne, and our original flagship location on the beautiful Gold Coast where our journey began.

How did your journey as an interior design supplier start?

Our design journey began with a vision to make beautiful home products accessible to all. The challenges we encountered finding affordable, premium tapware while creating development projects ended up being the driving force behind our mission. 

We started as a physical store with an online presence and soon realised the high demand for our products, which led us to launch an online store. It's been amazing to see the industry change — once mundane or overlooked products are now celebrated home features.

White and wooden kitchen, Photography by ABI Interiors via their Guide to Home Coffee Bar
Photography by ABI Interiors via their Guide to Home Coffee Bars

Your range of kitchen products is incredible. How would you describe your kitchen design philosophy?

Our design philosophy is 'find elegance in simplicity, enrich life through functionality'. Our Research and Development team is committed to designing products that have an appealing appearance and are intuitive, functional, and thoughtful. To achieve this goal, they regularly engage with their peers and ask them relevant questions to ensure that various users are considered during the testing phase. 

Throughout the design process, functionality and quality remain the top priority. Once these aspects are met, the team focuses on extracting anything that is not necessary, resulting in a sleek and minimal design.

It's amazing how you're at the forefront of kitchen trends on a global scale. What trends have you seen an uptick in the last few months? 

  1. Feature taps

Feature taps as the home's jewellery are trending this year, mainly using colourful finishes that showcase the homeowner's personality. Our Aura Collection showcases this beautifully, with fixtures that fuse art and function and six colours inspired by nature.

modern wooden kitchen by ABI Interiors with aura collection basin and mixer
One of the pieces in the Aura Collection is the Elysian Kitchen Mixer in Solis
  1. Reeded/fluted cabinetry, glass, and hardware 

Fluting and reeding have become key features of many homes, and this year we see an increased desire for fluted cabinetry, glass, and hardware. We have something exciting coming in later this year— watch this space!

  1. Wabi sabi interior design

The love for neutral tones, natural materials like wood and bright open spaces continues in 2023. Our Hegman Collection, in particular, pairs seamlessly with a Wabi sabi design, offering natural accents in a scheme that is full of neutrals and connected to nature.

The gorgeous Hegman Kurve Pull 250mm in an olive sage green kitchen
The gorgeous Hegman Kurve Pull 250mm in an olive green kitchen
  1. Accessories

Lastly, we are seeing more people investing in the power of accessorising and upgrading their kitchens through the finer details. The Elysian Pot Filler is a standout choice that was recently showcased in a popular interiors magazine.

white and wood kitchen, Elysian Pot Filler in Brushed Brass by ABI Interiorsw
Elysian Pot Filler in Brushed Brass

It sounds like an incredible year for kitchens! Let's do a quick round of questions to wrap up... Biggest colour of the year?

Our most popular coloured finish this year is brushed copper — they add an element of warmth and elegance to the kitchen.

What material combinations will rule 2023?*

Natural woods and brass will remain a favoured choice, as they look timeless, suit any interior design style, and give the connection to nature that people are looking for.

Brass, gold or chrome for 2023?*

Brass! As the timeless choice that blends seamlessly with any interior style, we always see a high demand for brass from our customers.

white and wood kitchen modern and contemporary, Elysian Kitchen Mixer in Brass
Elysian Kitchen Mixer in Brass

Tiles or painted walls?

With tiles, you can be adventurous with textures, materials, colours and shapes by layering similar materials with different textures. With paint, you have less flexibility but can express yourself through different colours. Personally, I love rendered walls because they are warm, cosy and luxurious and offer options with a smooth, shiny, or rough texture.

light pink kitchen, Ruin X property by Matt Jamieson and Emma Sweeny, photography by ABI Interiors
Ruin X property by Matt Jamieson and Emma Sweeny, photography by ABI Interiors

Glass or hidden cabinetry?

Hidden cabinetry – they portray a sophisticated, minimalist style that we love! However, a combination of glass and hidden cabinetry can be visually appealing in the right setting.

dust blue desaturated kitchen, ABI Interiors’ Guide to Home Coffee Bars with photography by Sara Tramp Ligorria
ABI Interiors’ Guide to Home Coffee Bars with photography by Sara Tramp Ligorria

Thank you so much for chatting and playing kitchen roulette with us! Where can interior designers find out more about your brand?

Head to our website to see our full collections, design inspiration and book a complimentary design consultation. We also love connecting with you on Instagram (@abiinteriors_uk) and assisting you at