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The 7 best material combinations for 2023

Materials are the basis to every great design: discover the hottest combinations in just a few scrolls.

Interiors by Hallworth and Heathens
Interiors by Hallworth and Heathens
The 7 best material combinations for 2023
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 16, 2023

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Layering, layering, layering – the vain of every interior designers’ existence. But also the highlight of every design experience. It is truly remarkable how combining different materials can give totally different effects in a space.

There are a million ways to combine materials, but only a few of them give the contemporary, chic vibe most designers want. In this article, we’ll give you some expected and unexpected combinations of materials. 

When you’re going through our list, remember: it’s all about balance. When it comes to material diversity in a room, it is better to keep it within 2-3 options. Texture can always be added with soft furnishings wherever needed, but hard ones cannot be easily removed if something feels off or simply too much. 

01. Microcement + Wood

OD House by Jorge Bibiloni Studio

Microcement is, to us, the starting point to any sleek industrial design. It is sleek, cool and pairs amazingly well with minimalist designs. Now, that combined with wood? A smart move. The wood gives comfort and warmth to the design, offering a more Scandinavian feel that veers away from the clinical look.

02. Wicker + Plaster

Interiors by Atelier Plateau

Contemporary styles have been leaning on rustic touches for warmth and visual interest – and we absolutely love it. Plaster walls combined with wicker really sell a rustic, Mediterranean vibe without leaning on clichés to achieve the look. 

03. Wood + Sheepskin

Styling by Layered Interior 

Wood is classic, mature and perfect for cosy spaces. However, if you want to amp up the cosy factor, sheepskin or other fluffy materials are perfect options. It’s perfect for barefoot walking, fidgeting, and simply adding an extra layer of comfort.

04. Marble + Gold

Interiors by Studio Hus

Luxe interior design drips in excess – and materials like marble and gold just totally sell the fantasy. Separately, they can be combined in different ways to create totally disparate effects. Together? Luxury and nothing else. We love. 

05. Tile + Concrete

Styling by Otto Tiles and Design

Tiles are cool to the touch, easy to clean, and a great option for homes in hotter climates. Paired with concrete? We have the golden example of how to create a sustainably insulated home!

06. Marble + Brass

Interiors by Interiors by Colour

This is for the luxe designers out there who love the pairing of metal and marble but not the gold: brass will be your best friend. Also, depending on how aged it looks, it can give a space a more lived-in look that feels less staged.

07. Stone + Wood

Interiors by Flack Studio

Verging between the modern, Wabi Sabi and Scandinavian, the stone and wood look is a classic for a reason. It is a mature look with a masculine edge, which can work well in colder climates. There is something timeless and retro about it too, as it combines the wood of midcentury homes and the minimalist use of stone. Gorgeous!