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The best colour palette combinations for 2023

Discover the trends of tomorrow with the colour palettes of today.

Pierce and Ward interior design living room with sofa stairs white walls
Interiors by Pierce and Ward
The best colour palette combinations for 2023
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 31, 2023

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When you go into a design studio, one thing you’re bound to see are colour palettes and moodboards, whether physically or digitally made. Colour palettes are the foundations to many designs, and choosing the right combination of colours is a key decision all designers must make.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of our favourite colour combinations, and how to achieve the look. Plus, we’ll be highlighting the designers who are thinking outside the box and leaving the beige and nothing else lifestyle behind. 

Light Neutrals + Navy Blue

Interiors by Hommes Studio

Out of all our options, this might be the most conservative – and most chic. Neutrals on their own are beautiful, but when you add a pop of blue, spaces gain dimensionality and weight, giving the eye something exciting to look at. Plus, there’s something quite charming about a nautical element in a city space!

Dusty Pink + Sage Green

Interiors by Studio Duggan

This is a beautiful, classic combination of colours, with a bit of a rococo twist. The overall effect is powdery, feminine, Sofia Coppola-esque in the best of ways.

Baby Blue + Slate

Interiors by Pierce and Ward

Verging between the classic and the boy-ish, the combination of baby blue and dark grey is gorgeous. If you want to get even more luxe and sophisticated, we love Pierce and Ward’s decision to pair the palette with some gold accents. Beautiful. 

Terracotta + Sapphire 

Interiors by Kelly Wearstler 

Now this is the first chapter in any art book: the colour wheel, and complementary colours. In this case, blue and orange are complementary colours, which means they are directly opposite in the colour wheel. This makes them a flashy pair, as they both make each other stand out.

Canary Yellow + Dark Wood

Interiors by Gramercy Design

Yellows can be a little difficult to work with, but Gramercy Design has done a wonderful job toning down the stridency of the yellow with dark wood colours and white accents. The effect is charming, without being overpowering. 

Emerald + more Emerald

Interiors by Ashley Stark

This is what you call a powerful yet limited colour palette. Ceilings, walls and furniture share the exact same colour, which gives the room a fantastical, whimsical feel, as if it has jumped right out of an illustration. This style might not be for everyone, but we absolutely love it. 

Muted rainbow

Interiors by Maddux Creative

If you’d asked us how a rainbow coloured room would look, we’d have always said one word: disaster. However, Maddux Creative is renowned for their use of colour, and in this design we can see why. While the colour palette is extended, it is kept to small sections, contrasted with neutrals, and toned down in terms of saturation, which makes the effect joyful rather than busy. 10/10 from us!