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The best tile suppliers in Europe; according to Interior Designers

Mosaic, terracotta, zellige, and azulejo fans unite; let’s discover the best tiles today.

terracotta tiles azulejos zellige
Tiles by Todo Barro
The best tile suppliers in Europe; according to Interior Designers
Clara Carlino de Paz
November 29, 2022

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The Mediterranean basin is a hot-pot for beautiful tiles – and we couldn’t be happier about it. Tiles are one of the most versatile and fun materials to work with, mainly because of their infinite shapes, colours, patterns and sizes. Depending on your choice of tiles, you can go from a soft, cottage-inspired look, to a total eclectic frenzy of colour and fun. 

If you’re starting out your sourcing journey, we’re here to take your hand and present you some of our favourite European and Mediterranean tile suppliers. 

Todo Barro

Todo Barro is a leading brand in the world of terracotta tile neo-craftsmanship. Currently, their portfolio includes two distinct lines of tiles. Their Premium collection consists of glazed tiles and handcrafted azulejos that suit the most unique and individual spaces. Their second handcrafted terracotta range is beautiful too, focusing on geometric forms and tonalities with more of a textured, rustic approach.

Tiles by Todo Barro

Atelier Zelij

Delphine Laporte and Samir Mazer launched Ateliers Zelij in the late 1990s to bring Moroccan zellige into a new century and reinterpret its traditional application. Their sensitivity, along with their degrees in Industrial Design, inspired them to investigate various materials, such as cement tiles and, more recently, stone and terrazzo. Their tiles go from the subtle and textured to the eclectic and colourful, providing tiling solutions for anyone. 

New Terracotta

New Terracotta’s slogan is “Sophisticated simplicity executed in a pure manner” and we couldn’t agree more. Their process is profoundly Portuguese, a direct homage to the old tiling tradition of the country. However, they are not afraid to blend in some human-scale technology and contemporary sensibilities: all in the pursuit of total beauty.

Tiles by New Terracotta

Popham Design

Popham Design focuses on Moroccan concrete tiles, where tradition and modernity meet. Their founders, Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes, are American born and bred, yet their process is carried out in the beating heart of the tiling industry: Marrakech. From diamonds to squares and pentagons, the possibilities are endless with Popham Design.

Tiles by Popham Design for Casa Cerámica

Elisa Passino

Elisa Passino is the mastermind behind her eponymous brand, where she develops wallcovering and tiling solutions full of playfulness and colour. She crafts concrete, ceramic and terracotta tiles in a signature abstract manner, potentially inspired by the likes of Miró and Kandinsky. The results are eye-catching and singular, as well as a total departure from the traditional elements we expect from tiles. Love!

Tiles by Elisa Passino, Photography by

Salvatori Official

At Salvatori Official, you can expect Made in Italy elegance, multi-award-winning design, and cutting edge technology. Their design philosophy is simple: respect the beauty of the natural stone, and embrace the differences between two tiles. 

Tiles by Salvatori Official

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