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The cottage style royalty: 7 British interior designers we love

Cottage style is an English staple. Filled with heritage, history and country flair, these designers are embracing British beauty.

Anstruther's Scotland family home
The cottage style royalty: 7 British interior designers we love
Clara Carlino de Paz
September 26, 2022

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Cottage style is difficult to define but easy to spot. Nestled in the endless green fields of the English land, many cottages share a unifying, cosy aesthetic. We can see their commonalities in the vibrant, colourful details, natural textures, centuries-old structures and wooden floors.

In this article, we’re shouting out our favourite British designers who are reinventing what cottage style is all about. From true classical to fun and eclectic, there is something for everyone. Perhaps not the minimalists out there, but all the rest. If you’d like to be considered for the next edition, why not join our community? We love meeting new people in the interiors industry.

Anna Haines

Twelve years ago, Anna Haines started her interior design business in London. Her aesthetic has a classic vibe that is respectful of the spaces’ age and the inhabitants’ personalities. She blends her love of colour, fabrics, art, and antiques to create genuine environments that elevate craftsmanship and cottage interiors.

Caroline Holdaway

Caroline first started her career in acting, and through theatre designer Bob Crowley, she started a long career in interior design. Her style is customer-focused and authentic to the structures she conserves and builds upon. Caroline loves using reclaimed materials and working tirelessly to find just the right thing for a space.

Sybil Colefax 

The oldest interior design company in the United Kingdom, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler was founded in the 1930s and has since been associated with British country and cottage design. Their groundbreaking method of easily blending old and modern, luxury and modest, is now translated by the seven decorators with assistance from an architectural interior designer. It is unhurried, welcoming, wonderfully comfortable, and completely personal.

Katharine Paravicini

With more than 15 years of expertise, Katharine is motivated by the urge to design distinctive and opulent interiors; spaces that are both practical and enjoyable to be in. Her work is brought to life with unusual fabrics, furniture, lighting, and art. With an emphasis on quality and workmanship, sensitivity to the time period and style of the building she is working on, and a strong sense of colour and pattern, her interiors show a blending of the old with the new.

James Mackie

James has over two decades of experience in the art industry, and a formal education in decorative arts and architectural history. His interior design style focuses on the relationship between art, design, and interior decorating. By treating these components as one cohesive idea, he designs stunning, cosy, and engaging environments.

Max Rollitt

Max Rollitt is well respected by his contemporaries for having a distinctive eye for antiquities. He received his initial training as a furniture designer and maker while serving as an apprentice at Frearson and Hewlett. Since 1993, Max has owned and operated his own antique shop, and in 1998 he started making his own line of custom furniture. In 2006, Max made the next logical step and entered the field of interior design, using his talents to highly sought-after effect.

Harriet Anstruther

Harriet is a multidisciplinary designer and creative, who specialises in interior design. She provides both residential and commercial interior design and creative direction for diverse projects, as well as original collabs with manufacturers, brands and artists. 

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