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The mountain chalets and hotels of your dreams 2023

Nothing like a winter solstice to remind us of the beauty of mountains and skiing.

Peter Marino’s Rocky Mountain Holiday Home
Peter Marino’s Rocky Mountain Holiday Home by Architectural Digest
The mountain chalets and hotels of your dreams 2023
Clara Carlino de Paz
December 13, 2022

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Picture this with us. We’re in the Northern Hemisphere, and the equinox is looming. Up in the mountains, light rains down powerfully, only to immediately bounce back from the glistening white snow. It is cold, the wind wild and unforgiving. But there’s a home in the distance. Warm, beaming with comfort and beauty – irresistible. 

This is the feeling we were looking for when searching for the world’s most beautiful mountain chalets and hotels. Minus a little detour to the mountains of rural Brazil for our readers in warmer climates, today we’ll tour the wonderful architecture and interior design hidden away in the European and American mountains. Get ready for the best and most beautiful hotels, lodges, chalets, retreats. If you enjoy this article, make sure to sign up to our newsletter.

Peter Marino’s Rocky Mountain Holiday Home

Up in the Rocky Mountains, Peter Marino’s skiing retreat is inspired by birds leaping into flight. Filled with wood, contemporary touches in art and furniture and a signature minimalism and savoir-faire, this home is everything a lodge could want to be. 

Pictures above by Architectural Digest

LeCrans Hotel & Spa

LeCrans hotel in Switzerland is self-described as an “Alpine haven of warmth, tranquillity and restoration”. All rooms, from the smallest to the largest, feel grand and cosily romantic thanks to the rustic wood-beamed walls and vaulted ceilings. And that’s only considering the individual spaces. Hallways, terraces and living rooms also beam with warmth and character. The furniture and material choices are traditional yet sophisticated, with touches of mid-18th century South Asian fabrics.

Pictures above by LeCrans Hotel & Spa via Michelin Guide

Forestis Dolomites

Italian grace and elegance, all in the hotel Forestis Dolomites. The hotel describes itself as a “place of retreat surrounded by nature, where time can once again be sensed and filled with emotional value through physical and mental mindfulness towards oneself”. The interior design of the space is defined by its netural, minimalist simplicity. Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian principles of design, the visual lines in every room are thoughtful and purposeful, delimited by the sophisticated use of wood, cement and light fabric. The end feeling is one of serenity, unencumbered by clutter and unnecessary ornamentation.

Photography by Jeremy and Angie
Photography via TripAdivsor
Image by Forestis Dolomites
Photography via TripAdvisor
Photography via BigSee

Contemporary Colorado Lodge by Atelier AM

Aspen is beautiful as it is, but this lodge might just take it over the edge. Atelier AM had the brief to renovate this holiday home, and wow, did they do that and much more. Inspired by the clients¡ taste for mid-century design, the house is peppered with iconic pieces and thoughtful details. Think cashmere walls, a vast, black fireplace, ample windows… The perfect retreat in a timeless home. 

Pictures above by Architectural Digest

Maven Carlos Souza’s Mountain Retreat in Brazil

We didn’t think it’d be fair to focus only on the mountain retreats located in the snowy tops of North America and Europe, so we’re delving into Valentino Brand Ambassador’s country retreat in Brazil. The houses’ decor is inspired by the owner’s incredible history travelling and his adventures in fashion. From Bali to Istanbul to St Tropez, nothing in the house is a fixed ornament; rather, the house moves as the owner’s life does: rapidly and elegantly. The home is full of eclectic fun and life, perfectly designed to host and uphold a tranquil retreat.

Pictures above by Architectural Digest

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