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TOP 10: Paint colours for fall and autumn 2022

The season is changing and we're staying ahead of the curve with the trendiest colours of 2022

Emerald green kitchen by Kelly Wearstler
Emerald green kitchen by Kelly Wearstler
TOP 10: Paint colours for fall and autumn 2022
Clara Carlino de Paz
August 1, 2022

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Every year, thousands of designers ask the same question: “But… what colour should we go for?”. Paint has a special place in interior design because it is one of the few elements that can be changed without stripping the home or the budget. One coat of something special can transform a place completely; hence our obsession with it. 

Because the season will be changing soon, we’re looking into the future to forecast the colour changes of the next few months. While we’re not suggesting paint should be changed seasonally (hello, sustainability is one of our core areas of interest!), we are putting you in the know of the latest movements in the industry, in case you feel inspired by a new trend.

When we think of autumn, we think of new beginnings, unscathed notebooks, early school mornings… And also harvests, soft orange sunsets and the indomable shrinkage of the day. The season is one of low contrast and change, transformation, and a steady bridge to the cold of winter. 

With this imagery in mind, let us guide you through the best colour options for this fall. If you have other ideas, why not let us know? We always love to hear from our community.

01. Warm neutrals

As we mentioned in our latest debrief about minimalism, adding points of warmth in a minimal design can reinvigorate a room. If you’re opting for a scaled back style – or you simply want to highlight the furniture in a room rather than the walls – then this colour is the one for you. Note: neutral colours come in a variety of tones and hues, all of which have powerful effects on the overall design of a room, so make sure you test out the paint with your lighting set-up before committing to anything.

02. Earthy terracotta

In line with the warm neutrals, earthy, orange-hued colours are making a huge comeback. Inspired by the limewashed, cosy walls ever-present in rustic and mediterranean styles, many designers are opting for this terracotta feel for their designs: and we can see why. The effect it creates verges between the unexpected and the totally homely, creating a sense of awe and comfort in its inhabitants.

03. Sage green

Sorry friends, we’re not done with them yet. Despite their dominance over Instagram and Pinterest in the last couple of years, the colour still hasn’t lost its sparkle for us. It is calming, serene and beautiful. Also, it pairs seamlessly with dark woods, vintage frames and mid-century lines. 

04. Dusty pink

Move along millennial pink, and say hello to its muted sister. In many internet circles, we’ve seen a rebooted version of “coquette” aesthetics taking hold. While their Lana del Rey love may not be easily translated to luxury interior design, their infatuation for the soft and romantic can be.

05. Emerald

Jewel-toned, luxurious and awe-inspiring, we’re absolutely sure emerald will be taking off soon. With the rise in greens everywhere, we think it's time for the regal counterpart to take centre stage. This colour looks particularly beautiful in kitchens and bathrooms, where a pop of colour doesn’t take away from the wellness-inducing elements of a design.

06. Warm pink

Pantone saw ‘Very Peri’ as 2022’s colour, and while we absolutely love the idea, we think a more subdued and warm version would be better suited to residential interior design. Enter warm pinks. They are soft, rare, and border on the unexpected when used in whole walls.

07. Lava Falls

Now, this is one for the bold. Seen all over February’s New York Fashion Week, lava falls is the redder, darker, sultrier version of your classic terracotta. It is a brave colour choice but an impactful one regardless.

08. Deep aubergine

Vampy, exciting and totally decadent: this is how we’d describe aubergine interiors. They were more popular in hospitality settings than in residential ones, but we think there is space for aubergine everywhere. If you’re betting for this colour, we’d suggest adopting a more eclectic style that plays off the Victorian sombreness as a playful contrast. 

09. Stone grey

Hardcore minimalists and industrial-enthusiasts: we’re talking to you. If you’re going to lean into the brutalist, postmodern aesthetic, why not not do it to the maximum? If there’s something we love, it’s grit and creativity.

10. Martini olive

And, we end with a cocktail-inspired hue. Cheers! We love this camo, brown-green that inspires the senses. There is something totally sophisticated about it and we love it.