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TOP 7: British Interior designers blending modern and traditional styles

Traditional styles have never left the industry, and we’re not mad about it – especially when these designers keep innovating the field.

Flora Soames' interiors beautiful traditional style british interior design
Flora Soames' interiors
TOP 7: British Interior designers blending modern and traditional styles
Clara Carlino de Paz
September 27, 2022

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Interior design has always been a staple of British culture, and the traditional style has captivated dozens of generations across the globe. 

We can detect British traditional styles from their details; traditional decor frequently has window coverings in damask, floral, striped, and chequered patterns with ornately decorated dark wood, as well as silk, linen, and velvet furniture. Traditional style interiors provide a feeling of antiquity and glitz to a place by layering colour and texture, and embracing the unpolished sides of inherited art and sculpture. 

Modern interior designers are continuing to follow the traditional style of interior design, but many are also adding their own modern twist to it, innovating upon the classic. Want to meet the new face of British interior design?

Flora Soames

In 2009, Flora Soames founded her company as a design consultant. Flora's design philosophy is centred on preserving the essential elements of a structure or interior while modifying the design in a way that is cosy, fashionable, and useful. Her contemporary yet diverse style is essential for interpreting and meeting each client's demands while placing an emphasis on customer service, quality, workmanship, and durability.

Ben Thompson

Bwt is a design firm with offices in London that specialises in brand development, interior design, and architecture. Ben Thompson, a British designer, established bwt in 2011. Ben has more than fifteen years of experience working in the luxury housing and hotel industries, including five years as Studio Director at Studioilse. Although the team is best known for creating the award-winning hotel Heckfield Place, it is quietly completing a wide variety of projects all around the world. Re-establishing or reimagining old structures is a crucial component of the process when bwt is reviving and revitalizing rural estates.

Edward Bulmer

Edward is now the team leader of a highly focused design team that brings traditional expertise and environmental awareness to a variety of residential and commercial projects. Edward has a background in architectural history, picture restoration, and interior design. After working as an assistant for more than 30 years in David Mlinaric's office and Alec Cobbe's studio, he and his wife Emma now manage their set of enterprises out of a former cattle byre that sits at the heart of their organic farm in the unspoiled Herefordshire countryside.

Guy Goodfellow

Guy founded his own business in 2002, and today he collaborates with a skilled group of architects, draftsmen, and interior designers. Guy gives enormous rural homes, elegant flats, and modest projects new vitality. His distinctive design is a fusion of English classicism, ease, and subdued refinement. His innate talent and classical training help him to lead each project's design process toward its appropriate and acceptable decorating with distinct individuality. Guy is endowed with an extraordinary recall for architectural details and coloration. He draws on this memory from a myriad of sources to imbue his designs with grace and beauty.

Gavin Houghton

English interior designer Gavin Houghton's work demonstrates a passion for fusing colour, pattern, texture, craftsmanship, and pure beauty. Although he describes himself as "classic with a twist", his vision is bold and traditional at the same time, blending a unique brand of British eclecticism that is both contemporary and grounded in a refined ability to blend many historical periods, employing both old and modern, geometric and floral, to create individualised spaces.

Melissa Wyndham and Vanessa MacDonald

The company's current leader, Vanessa Macdonald, studied under the late Melissa Wyndham and then spent 14 years working with her. They are known for their adaptable style, artistic blending of modern and ancient pieces, and capacity to collaborate with customers to satisfy both functional demands and aesthetic preferences.

Sarah Vanrenen

Sarah has almost 20 years of experience as an interior designer. Although she favours symmetrical, traditional architecture, her taste can verge on the modern with playful touches of colour and pattern. 

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