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Winning! The most searched for interior designers ever

There might not be an official Olympic sport for interior design, but these designers are at the top of the viral game.

Bobby Berk Queer Eye interior design
Interiors by Bobby Bert
Winning! The most searched for interior designers ever
Clara Carlino de Paz
September 7, 2022

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Have you ever wondered who the most searched for interior designers are? We have too, and today we’ll be revealing the top, viral interior designers. There are thousands of sources with competing claims, so to ease the confusion, we’re highlighting those names that rank all the lists. That is, the creme de la creme. 

If you see some names missing, don’t sweat it; you’ll find them in our article “The interior design influencers you should be following right now”. 

Philippe Starck 

Philippe is a French designer and architect, best known for his groundbreaking furniture designs. His style is contemporary and playful, with a significant amount of attention given to shapes, textures and unusual materials.

Nate Berkus

Nate is an American designer, book author, and television celebrity. He is best known for his eponymous interior design firm, Oprah appearances, and TV shows, which includes one alongside his interior designer husband, Jeremiah Brent.

Bobby Berk

Bobby is an American interior designer, reality television superstar and author. Alongside an eclectic cast of five, he stars in the series “Queer Eye” as the interiors expert of the team. Bobby enjoys combining traditional elements with modern ones, often opting for calm and unsaturated palettes for his clients. He is known for his special, personal touches, which connect the clients with their new spaces via memories, gifts, or special rooms.

Joanna Gaines

Joanna is an American interior designer and TV personality. You might recognise her from the show “Fixer Upper”, or her and her husband’s network, Magnolia. Her style is defined as farmhouse or rustic chic, with a big emphasis on cosiness and glamour.

Kelly Hopen 

Kelly is a British interior designer, author, and owner of Kelly Hoppen Interiors. Born in South Africa, Kelly has been awarded multiple prizes and an MBE to recognise her work. Her style is all about ​​subdued colour palettes, clean shapes, and a bespoke approach to every client.

Alex Vervoordt 

Alex is the owner of Axel Vervoordt Co. a renowned art gallery, arts and antiques trading organisation, with an interior design arm for worldwide customers. His style is defined by his exquisite and vast antique collection, which he uses for inspiration and source material frequently.