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Your dream living room trends for 2023

Discover the latest living room trends for 2023 and create your dream space. Get inspired with our top picks and trends for this year.

minimalist wabi sabi living room
March 7, 2023
Wabi sabi inspired textured neutrals apartment by Tasnim Ashraf

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The living room, often referred to as the heart of the home, holds a distinct place in the hierarchy of domestic spaces. Its role transcends beyond serving as a mere comfortable and relaxing space for family and friends. The living room is one of the first points of entry into the home's interior, and as such, it plays a crucial role in shaping visitors' perception of the rest of the house. 

The importance of a well designed living room

As an interior designer, it's important to understand the significance of the living room in a home. It serves as the initial point of contact between residents and their guests, setting the tone for the rest of the house and shaping visitors' perception of the interior and lifestyle of the occupants. Its versatility as a workspace, reading room, play area, or dining room makes it an invaluable space that adapts to changing needs and lifestyles.

Moreover, the living room serves as a hub for social interaction, where families can relax, catch up, and spend quality time together, while also entertaining guests and fostering a sense of hospitality and warmth within the home. As an interior designer, you can enhance your clients’ experience by creating a space that is both functional and inviting, with carefully selected furniture, decor, and accessories that reflect the residents' personalities, values, and interests.

The living room is often the most decorated room in the home, making it a true blank canvas for yours and your clients’ self-expression and creativity. This is where your work can truly shine.

Now that we’ve covered how important it is to put time and effort into the living room, let’s go into the meat of the article; 2023’s hottest and chic trends! Before we get into it, remember to subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly interior design content.

01. Offline entertainment is a must

Digital detoxes and de-influencing trends all point to one thing: people are tired of being on their phones all day. So that your clients’ guests are well cared for, consider investing in some designer-approved games and hobby stations. This could be in the form of billiards, darts, artistic chess boards… The possibilities are endless.

Living room with billiard designed by Fernanda Peruzzo

02. Green is all the rage, but dark green? King.

We’ve seen green dominating living rooms since the start of 2020, but now we’re seeing a darker iteration taking hold of the public imagination. It is regal, rich and jewelled, perfect for the traditional maximalists who embrace a sophisticated aesthetic. 

Dark green living room in Somerset by Clarence & Graves via Architectural Digest

03. Textured neutrals continue to rise

Minimalism has long been on the outs, but it is true that a newer, more relaxed version of it is still going strong. This more Wabi sabi inspired approach emphasises texture and natural imperfections, and is perfect for those who want calm, serene surroundings without them being at the expense of warmth. 

Textured white living room by Phoebe Nicol

04. Nature takes the inside of the home

In line with the textured neutrals, nature is taking over everything in interior design. Often called biophilic design, this approach to interior design emphasises the synergic relationships between nature and humanity. Plant lovers, you’ll love this one!

Living room details with raw wood pieces and plant elements by Betsy Brown

05. Abstract art takes over the living room’s shapes

Curvy furniture has been everywhere in 2022, and in 2023 we’ll see an evolution of this trend with more abstract art-inspired shapes taking protagonism. Think lines pointed at disparate angles, pill-shaped chandeliers, modern art… The possibilities are endless.

Modern and contemporary living room details by Lindsey Goddard

06. Cocktail corners are the new shelves

For your next living room design, consider suggesting a cocktail and alcohol cabinetry where guests can be chicly entertained. There are many ways to go around this, but for sure a mirrored wall never fails. 

Alcohol and cocktail shelving solution in living room by Olivia Emery

07. Because not all spaces have studios

Instead of dedicating a whole space to a studio, some interior designers are opting to create versatile spaces that accommodate multiple functions without breaking a room's aesthetic. In the room below, you can see how the corner of a living room has been used to house a beautiful studio or reading and working space. Work smarter, not harder!

Living room corner with desk and bookshelf by Irakli Zaria

Thank you for reading this article. What do you think the next big living room trend will be? Let us know, or stay up-to-date with the latest in interior design by subscribing to our newsletter.

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