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Joseph Giles
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Granville Solid Brass Door Knob With Unique Rota-Bearing Rose

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The classic sophistication of the Georgian period is encapsulated in this Granville door knob.

Based on a traditional skep, which lends this door knob its common ‘beehive’ name, the geometric ribbing also conforms to arts and design principles and creates a timeless finishing touch.

The ‘Granville’ door knob is made from the finest grade solid brass and is available in all a range of finishes.

The door knobs come with a 10-year mechanical guarantee.

This product includes:

One pair of Granville door knobs (two pieces)

One pair of roses (four pieces, two plates which fix to the door, and two covers)

One set of fixings which include screws, bolts, washers, grub screws and an 8mm (5/16) spindle to suit doors up to 54mm (2.12”) thick.

We recommend that the door knobs are fitted with horizontal locks and latches to ensure the best operation.

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