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Giovanni Barbieri
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Le Piastrelle Segnate - Grey Field Tile

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As the winner of the Red Dot Product Design 2022 Award, this collection is established from the first building material created, maintaining the same genuine and simple process thanks to Fornace Brioni in Italy.

A result that thanks to a certain kind of passion and deep reasoning without inspirational references, can express itself as a pure project, simply through the harmonious and never repetitive results of the different lengths of the reliefs obtained, almost as if it were a custom made execution, with the alternative of using the same to fade from very dense up to the background flat tile, or with a coloured reliefs version to accentuate their character.

Simply through the level of genuine pleasure that you feel in perceiving its aesthetic value obtained, observing the results of the infinite set possible thanks to their versatility and infinite interpretations.

In short, "Le Piastrelle Segnate" has been created as it was done many decades ago, and which are now available, provoking the same emotions as in the past, thanks to the hearth, mind and hands of Giovanni Barbieri & Fornace Brioni.

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