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Decora Cement
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Zya Microcement Finish

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Decora Microquartz is a mineral based decorative finish that can be applied on almost any surface: floors, walls, furniture (interior & exterior). Due to its extraordinary hardness and adherence, it is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use on any surface.

Unlike other microcements, its hardness does not depend only on the microcement itself, but on its special compounds such as Quartz, Corundum, Silicas and water-based epoxy resins. These compounds working together provide the most resistant, flexible and waterproof material in the market. Therefore, it gives 100% waterproof and flexible properties - making the installation suitable for areas in contact with water, and giving maximum protection against day to day blemishes.

It's coatings are ideal for new constructions and renovations for living or working areas.

Taking into account that your projects could include offices, commercial and residential spaces developments; our applications are the best option to consider.

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