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AH Peck

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For over 50 years AH Peck has been steeped in traditional values, whose expertise in parquetry techniques, reclaimed flooring and luxury wood finishing has been passed down through three generations.

Sourcing the finest wood is ingrained deep within the business. The company’s expert product sourcing team scour Europe and surrounding regions to locate the perfect natural wood to complement your interiors. AH Peck is devoted to quality and once secured, the materials are passed on to the experienced team of expert craftsmen to fine tune into stunning parquet, wide-plank and solid wood floors.

Wood flooring adds warmth, comfort and character to a home, a touch of contemporary chic or traditional grandeur. Its versatility means that it not only elevates the look and feel of a room (and potentially the value of a property), but it can also be a challenge to find just the right option from the hundreds of woods, styles and finishes available for your space. That’s why it’s always helpful to have an expert to hand to guide you on that particular journey.

A floor isn’t just the wood and the finish applied, for AH Peck it is about creating a home and bringing a room to life. The personalised approach, to which the company has become renowned for, guides the customer on a journey from idea, to concept to completion.

141 Lower Richmond Road Putney, London SW15 1EZ


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AH Peck
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