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Atelier Ellis

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## At Atelier Ellis, we think about colour differently. We believe everyone should be able to live in a joyous, safe and beautiful home that tells their story. We are all different. Where and how we live is unique and we want our colours to help you find your joy, your haven and your personal narrative. To help you do this, we create deeply-pigmented paint and enveloping colours that are quiet and painterly, but also very beautifully and carefully made. We research and craft colours that feel human. They are complex and deep, but also quiet and cocooning. They are designed to create the perfect backdrop and a framework for creating the stories that place you and your important possessions (as well as your ephemera) at the centre of your home. Each of our colours is inspired by personal memories, marks and fragments – of people, places and tales. Deeply rooted in the natural world, our approach lets us create timeless human, nature and art-inspired colours that you can live and grow with over many years. We revel in beauty and our paint is as beautiful as we can make it. We are also transparent with the materials  and processes we use now and we are always asking how we can make it better in the future. At the heart of everything we do is the idea of  helping you make your home, and the life within, better: To help you feel happy, safe, content and sheltered and tell your story of home.
C1, The Imperial Laundry, 87 Warriner Gardens, London SW11 4XW, United Kingdom


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Atelier Ellis
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