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Clay Works

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Clayworks is a multi-award-winning researcher, developer & manufacturer of 100% natural clay plasters for interior walls & ceilings. Launched in 2010, the company works with designers worldwide to create healthy, sustainable & breathtaking finishes. No other clay plaster manufacturer has the breadth of colours & textures or the reputation for quality of product & service. Naturally pigmented, the plasters provide an alternative to the more conventional gypsum plaster and paint combination. Clayworks is based in Cornwall and grew out of a small company specialising in earth building and natural building materials. It is now specified for its aesthetics, sustainability and also because of clay’s significant contribution to healthy indoor environments: clay is free of toxins, VOCs, & plastics and will help to prevent mould, bacteria, virus, VOCs and other toxins surviving in an indoor space.  Clayworks is the only clay plaster in the world to have an Environmental Product Declaration and a Health Product Declaration. 

Clayworks is the only commercial manufacturer of 100% natural clay pasters in the UK. 

Unit 5, Higher Bochym Rural Workshops Cury Cross Lanes, Helston Cornwall, TR12 7AZ UK


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Clay Works
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