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Maitland & Poate

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Maitland & Poate is a family-run London based business which grew from an obsession and passion for beautiful tiles. Originally, we started by sourcing reclaimed encaustic tiles to add a flavour of sun baked Andalucía to our own London home and then Maitland & Poate was born. The wide variety and depth of colours in the patterned tiles display each tiles’ unique qualities and proudly speak of a previous life and a handcrafted heritage; discovered in a wide variety of ancient farmhouses, Cortijo’s, Parador’s, Hacienda’s and distinctive homes throughout Spain, Belgium and France. Select from the endless designs from our reclaimed and handmade encaustic cement tiles to create a unique statement floor to enhance any room in your home. Only the exceptional and outstanding reclaimed floor tiles are rescued by us to ensure we offer you the true authentic ambience of the original floor. 
Maitland & Poate London SW17 BRL


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Maitland & Poate
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