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Carpets, rugs and tapestries since 1867

150 years of perfection have led PINTON to become one of the most renowned names in exceptional carpets, rugs and tapestries. The works produced by the “basse lisse” looms of our Felletin workshops have helped popularise the art of French textile making around the world.

The PINTON family have always had a passion for the art of weaving. From 1867 to the present day, this passion, combined with the age-old expertise of their artisans, has spun a promising and innovative future. With excellence and creativity their only boundaries, PINTON has brought the Aubusson tradition into the modern era. The company is divided in two entities - PINTON Manufacture, dedicated to luxury interior design, and PINTON Editions, devoted to contemporary art.

With this, the family company is rapidly gaining international visibility, showcasing French expertise in the art of weaving. 

71, rue du Cherche-Midi 75006 Paris


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