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We’re building a better future for interior design, but we can’t do it alone (nor do we want to). Join our community to learn, create and connect with people passionate about interiors.

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a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
a place for people like you
This is a space for people who want to level up. Whether you create spaces ins, products ins or art ins, we want to champion ins you and your work. Join us now zzz

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A buzzing and collaborative community of designers, suppliers and creatives

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Lori Bolon

Cofounder. Interiors Architect.️ Panzer’s Egg Dip ❤️

Clara Carlino de Paz

Community Lead. Illustrator. History buff.

Matteo Grand

Cofounder. Product designer. Gelato connoisseur.

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What is Portaire’s community and how does it work?
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We’re creating a community of rising stars in the interiors industry. We want you to learn, create and connect with people passionate about the interiors craft and industry. If you work in the field, we want to hear from you.

As a company, we’re here to support the community in its organisation, content development and marketing, but what you post is up to you. As long as you’re following our community guidelines, you’ve got the reins of this community!

We’ll communicate with you weekly via newsletters, and will create opportunities for you to network with people in interior design, both online and in-person.

Because we’re still in the building stage, you can really shape how this community develops. Take the chance and join us.

Who can join this community?
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This community is dedicated to people working in the interiors industry. This could mean architects, designers, artists, craftspeople, influencers, suppliers, contractors, interior stylists or any other supporting roles in the industry, like project or community managers. If you’re passionate about the interiors industry, you’re more than welcome to join us.

What are the community's guidelines?
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We might just be starting out, but we’re building a community where everyone can thrive. To do so, there are certain rules we should all follow to keep everyone excited and open to share.

  1. What’s shared here stays here – unless you say so. As a rule of thumb, members will want to share their opinions, feedback and comments freely and constructively only with the community. Because of that, let’s keep that information between us. If you do want the community to share something you’ve done, or you’re looking to publish your work outside of the community, make it clear and we’ll all try to support you as much as we can.
  2. Give more than you take. We want to highlight you work and uplift your voice, but we also want to ensure everyone has a chance. Please share value-adding content every once and a while, and help or connect with others out in the mean time. We want to create relationships that matter, so always remember to contribute to others’ posts and queries.
  3. Critique the idea, not the person. Healthy debate is what great conversations are made of. Sometimes we may disagree, but we should never veer into the personal. We will not tolerate bullying, harassment, or hate speech, so just remain empathetic and treat others with respect.
  4. Keep the content relevant. This is an interior design community, so to start with, we ask you to keep conversations open for all to understand and relate to.

And that’s it. If you can follow those simple rules: 1. We think you’re cool. 2. You’re ready to join us.

Who’s behind the community?
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The community is supported by Portaire, where curated interiors meet curious designers. We curate brands we love, list their products, and connect them to designers. Then, we make the sourcing and specifying process as simple as possible for them.

If we want to get specific, the community is managed by Clara, our own Social Media and Community Manager. She speaks Spanish and English fluently, and she might be able to get back to you in French and Italian. She loves art and history, and is always up for a chat. You can message her directly via email or inside our community.

What content can I find inside the community?
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Once you join, you’ll have the chance to receive, attend and create the following types of content and events:

  • Educational videos and articles
  • Trend reports
  • Designer interviews
  • Supplier interviews
  • Product round ups and early access
  • Exclusive online networking events
  • In-person meet-ups
  • Post-industry event de-briefs and connection building
  • Beta testing access to our new features
  • Real time feedback from a community of design stars
  • Work-sharing amongst members

What we share each month will depend on industry events, key dates, rising trends and your feedback.

I have a problem. How do I solve it?
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Clara is always on hand to help you out. You can message her directly via email.