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11 luxurious living rooms that will inspire your next interior design

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, and these living rooms capture all of it.

Luxury living room
Interiors by We Are Duet
11 luxurious living rooms that will inspire your next interior design
Clara Carlino de Paz
October 18, 2022

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No matter the budget of your next design or the living room you spend more time in, I think everyone has a soft spot for living rooms. They are often the heart of the home and the largest room in it, thus commanding an unspoken gravity over a project. Their layout can be remixed in millions of ways, and in stark contrast to bedrooms, designers can afford some extra chic elements because it’s meant to draw attention and awe from guests rather than relax the inhabitants of a home.

In sum, living rooms are amazing, and getting your next one right is not impossible – especially when you have this level of inspiration going around! Let us introduce you to the epitome of luxury living rooms, drawing rooms and living spaces – by some incredible designers you need to know!

01. Maddux Creative

This living room is the courtesy of Maddux Creative, part of a Marylebone pied-à-terre in a 1920s structure brimming with vintage accents. The house offered amazing elements to work with, like historic mouldings and parquet flooring, which gave the design a feeling of timeless charm. Maddux Creative considered it crucial to obfuscate the distinction between originality and novelty in order to push limits and express their creative thoughts.

In order to create a smooth transition between the sitting and dining spaces in the main room, they utilised a variety of hues to layer forms over the existing wall panelling. Three different hues of green were used in the adjacent library as part of ongoing colour experiments to draw attention to the original mouldings. The furniture in the home is a combination of custom-made, modern, and vintage items with clean lines and straightforward yet intriguing shapes that playfully compliment one another.

02. Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay

Henri’s living room in Spring Terrace is a beautiful example of dark, sultry elements not obfuscating the light within a room. With ample windows and gorgeous views to the outside garden, the living room plays with a neutral colour palette that leans into contemporary curved shapes as well as classic elements in the upholstery and piano. The textures in the room have a tactile quality that brings the different elements together, ultimately creating a feel that is luxurious but usable. 

03. Hubert Zandberg

A second home for one of Hubert’s regular clients, this luxurious Tuscan house and estate is situated in the spectacular hills countryside outside of Siena. The design idea was to create a cosy refuge that makes allusions to the area's centuries-old rich history while also incorporating them with a carefully chosen mixture of antique and contemporary materials and discovered objects.

The results are absolutely stunning. The colour palette of the room is closed to ultramarines, soft touches of turquoise and earthy siennas, giving the room an eclectic yet balanced feel with the complementary colours. The upholstery, chandeliers and wooden beams give the room a rich, elegant feel grounded in heritage, while the modern art, sofas and lamps give the living room a contemporary touch that grounds it in today's time. Love!


Located by a pool terrace, HANDELSMANN + KHAW’s monochrome living room is a liveable sculpture perfectly designed to capture the awe of the simple. With an incredible array of contemporary pieces with hints of 70s modernism, this living room is all about implicit luxury; the luxury of space, of cleanliness, of simplicity. 

05. Julie Hillman

Julie’s Park Avenue living room is beautiful, airy and still serious in its overall energy. The lightness of the walls and furniture is always balanced by darker elements, such as the dark sofa or the photography on the back wall. Something that stands out is the use of deeper shades of brown over black, which softens the contrast between light and dark elements. Also, can’t forget the stunning marble fireplace and ceiling ornamentation in giving the room a contemporary timelessness.

06. Carmen Bueno

Carmen, a designer and architect, created true luxury in the district of Chueca in Madrid. With a total square meterage of 170 and a building first erected in 1905, Carmen had room to play in this stunning building with hardwood floors and classical wall ornaments. The style she lent on was Parisian at heart and contemporary in execution, with much attention being paid to upcycling the once decaying foundations of the flat. With the careful renovation, Carmen did a fantastic job preserving the original elements of the house while delivering touches of modern opulence.

07. Rachel Chudley

After a few living rooms filled with quiet luxury, here we have a louder option for the fans of all things eclectic. Rachel brought to life the cool, edgy and colourful vision of Tom Guinness and Tish Weinstock in their Holland Park townhouse. Think classic 20th-century items like Akari lamps, Barcelona chairs, and an LC4 chaise longue. But don’t limit yourself: include older furniture like a sizable early-19th-century upholstered stool used as a cocktail table and antique fabrics and porcelains everywhere in sight. A true work of art.

08. Monica Fried

Monica’s design in this Westport home is beautifully constrained, with careful attention paid to the placement and effect of each piece. The living room has a masculine sort of calmness to it, as the dark elements ground the design in a mature, sober look. The luxurious elements come from the exquisite, Scandinavian-style furnishings that offer a comfortable, homely feel, as well as the lighting design which contrasts with beautifully industrial elements. 

09. Brownlow Interior Design

Brownlow is known for its modern British chic aesthetic, and their inherent ability to mix and match patterns to create truly exciting interiors. In this Armdale Residence, English and French textiles chosen for their usefulness and beauty blend seamlessly with classic continental antique furniture, mirrors, and lights. In this living room, the true luxury is the quality of its components and the way space is made to reflect the personal style of the inhabitants. As the client said, it’s “Like entering a jewellery box!”.

10. We Are Duet

We Are Duet’s living room at  Strathfield, NSW is a wonderful example of whimsical means totally and radically modern. The touches of powdery blues and pinks pair perfectly with the white and grey touches of the room, conveying a somewhat playful and childlike vision. Incredible work, where classic meets contemporary. 

11. No12 Studio

No12 Studio provided the interiors for this distinctive and uncommon boutique residential complex, which included two townhouses and seven luxury flats. No. 12 thoughtfully designed the internal architectural design, down to the tiniest elements in the interior furnishings, while embracing the elegance of the inherited Georgian era building. In this living room , we see a lovely and repeated pattern in luxury living rooms: light and dark elements, perfectly balanced! Our favourite bit? How the art perfectly complements the overall palette of the room. Sublime!

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