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7 chic Christmas and holiday interior design ideas approved by interior designers

The Nightmare before Christmas? Not finding the chicest festive decor we’d say!

Christmas setting interior design chic
Image by Liberty London
7 chic Christmas and holiday interior design ideas approved by interior designers
Clara Carlino de Paz
November 29, 2022

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Christmas decorations and decor ideas tend to be on the over-the-top and dare we say… “Tacky”. It’s not a word we use often, because all styles and aesthetics have a place in our design-loving heart. However, most festive ornaments seem mass-produced and not very individual to the inhabitant of a home. In our opinion, Christmas ornaments are a great opportunity to show off your style in a different light, and adapt your tastes to something a little more wholesome and fun for a short period of time.

To open your horizons for the festive season, we’ve put together a curated list of designer-approved (and created!) holiday décor. Our list is in no particular order, as we simply let our hearts tell us what will sleigh this season. Forgive the pun, it’s our only chance to gift them to you!

01. Small, worn and chic

It’s time to update traditions, and this whimsical tree is everything we want and more. Instead of relying on winter themes only, this tree can work in any hemisphere and budget. Also, extra points for the composition of sea shells, sculptures and art – trees can be a simple ornament amongst the rest, instead of the whole show.

Decorations and photography by John Derian

02. Sculptural and cosy

Why rely on the classic shapes of the season? We love this circular, flexible arrangement, which is easy to install and modify in accordance with the other elements in a room.

Image by Adam Albright

03. ‘Tis the season for tartan

Scottish ladies and gentlemen were right about tartan. For these cold months, we love a touch of traditional fabrics. This can be done via blankets, tapestries and tablecloths, or as a small touch in your Christmas balls and trinkets.

Image by Heyl Interiors

04. Show that wood

This is for our Wabi sabi, rustic, cottage, farmhouse fans. We adore you, and the look of rugged, natural wood exposed to the elements in your home will infer the merry atmosphere without encroaching on your perfectly curated aesthetic. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Interiors in Julie de Libran’s home

05. Mirror mirror in the wall

The framing of a mirror can totally change how we see ourselves in it – and will be a total showstopper for guests hunting for a festive selfie. Update your mirror with some small Christmas ornaments to capture the spirit.

christmas decorating ideas 34 vert
Image by Anthropologie

06. Monochrome wreath

We weren’t ignoring you, minimalists and neutral fans. The over-saturated look of merry joy is not for everyone, so we suggest keeping the colour palettes slim with a monochrome wreath. It hints at Christmas, without screaming it.

Photography by Spacecrafting

07. The devil’s in the details

Sometimes, it’s the excess that kills the subtleties of Christmas cheer. Instead, find nooks in your design or home to accentuate with some festive decorations. This way, you won’t overpower the whole space and erase yourself from it.

Styling by Emily Henderson

Happy holidays! We hope you enjoy this season with those you love. If you’d like to learn more about interior design, subscribe to our newsletter.