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9 interior designers revolutionising the use of material and texture

The age of perfect symmetry is over. Discover up-and-coming revolutionary and exciting designers reinvigorating the field of texture and materials.

Hallway by GACHOT Studios with white paint and modern sculptures.
Hallway by GACHOT Studios with white paint and modern sculptures.
9 interior designers revolutionising the use of material and texture
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 10, 2024

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We’re tired of the perfect images with no personality. We want fun, textured interiors, up-to-the-brim with personal style. This article is our short love letter to 9 interior designers who prioritise texture and visual interest in their work.

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01. Jamie Drake

Jamie Drake, of the studio Drake/Anderson, crafts opulent interiors that exude sophistication and surprise. The New York firm is known for its dynamic eclectic style, striking a harmonious balance between timeless elegance and contemporary design. Each project is driven by the principle that exceptional décor reflects individuality and location. The end result is warm, charming, interesting and above all, liveable.

Contemporary living room with art pieces and experimental lighting by Drake/Anderson

02. Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot is a celebrated Paris-based interior designer, renowned globally for his opulent and enchanting interiors. With his recognizable eclectic style, he seamlessly blends furnishings and accessories ranging from 17th-century antiques to contemporary pieces. The texture elements comes through prominently in the contrast of old and new, as well as the lack of fear towards “more is more”.

Classical living room with contemporary and modern furnishings by Jean-Louis Deniot

03. Studio Piet Boon

Studio Piet Boon is a preeminent design firm, recognized for its comprehensive design solutions. The company offers a range of services, including exterior, interior, and product design, catering to private, corporate, and commercial clients across the globe. Inspired by the legacy of Dutch craftsmanship, their work is highly sophisticated and individually tailored to the client. Their style and play with texture is more understated than you might expect. In their work, we see a monochromatic approach with a tactile focus in the matte, glossy or textured features of the furniture and materials.

Monochromatic hallway with plaster walls, grainy art and smooth bust by Studio Piet Boon

04. Tara Bernerd

Tara Bernerd, a world-renowned designer, established the interior architectural firm Tara Bernerd & Partners. Each project undertaken by Tara Bernerd & Partners is unique, yet the firm's signature style is characterised by a refined, industrial luxury that results in spaces of enduring and sophisticated elegance. Unafraid of colour and texture, Bernard is a powerhouse of luxe modern decor for the high-end consumer of today.

Living room with colourful furniture, glass details and white stone industrial fireplace by Tara Bernerd & Partners

05. Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is a Dutch designer and art director who specialises in creating design solutions for architecture, interiors, and industrial projects. While he has stepped away from the everyday running of the studio, he is still committed to smaller creative projects. His work is often sculptural and unexpected, glossy and awe-inspiring, like an experimental gallery come to life.  

Collection of bathroom elements by Marcel Wanders and Laufen

06. Anna Karlin Studio

Anna Karlin Studio is a full-service design firm that offers its expertise in both residential and commercial projects. The studio has a team of designers, interior architects, craftspeople, engineers, and fabricators who work collaboratively to deliver exceptional results. From the initial concept to the final touches, the team is involved in every stage of the project, including design, construction, and styling.

The studio's philosophy is built on the idea that design should be more than just aesthetics; it should tell a story. The team believes that every design element should contribute to the overall narrative, resulting in a unique and tailored experience for each space. This design philosophy is integral to Anna Karlin Studio's approach and is reflected in their work.

Face Light by Anna Karlin Furniture + Fine Objects

07. AB Concept

AB Concept studio was founded in Hong Kong in 1999 by Terence Ngan, an architect, and Ed Ng, an interior designer. With over twenty years of experience, the studio has established a global portfolio of commercial and residential interiors. The studio partners with leading hospitality brands to create interior spaces that are both engaging and memorable. The design of the studio's furniture, lighting, and textiles is characterised by its charm and practicality. The studio believes that design has the power to positively impact daily life and leave a lasting impact. Design is seen as a means of elevating experiences, fostering connections, inspiring people, and promoting existence.

Terence Ngan and Ed Ng’s residence in Japan Wallpaper magazine

08. GACHOT Studios 

By blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technology, GACHOT Studios produce work that boasts both a refined aesthetic and a bold sense of place. Guided by principles of simplicity, elegance, and meticulous attention to detail, each project is approached as a singular expression rather than a showcase of a rigid style. Perhaps more so than some contemporaries, GACHOT studios feels atemporally sophisticated, almost as if free from time limits and impossible to pin down.

Living room with brown and green sofas, rugs, sculptures and Klein blue artworks by GACHOT Studios

09. Nichetto Studio

Luca Nichetto established his multidisciplinary design firm in Venice, Italy in 2006, focusing on industrial design, product design, and design consulting. From the start, Nichetto Studio has collaborated with a range of brands and organisations, and these partnerships became a central aspect of their work. Nichetto's impact soon grew beyond Venice and Italy's borders, with their attention to detail and fantastic use of colour and shape becoming their signature.

Luca Nichetto’s studio by Max Rommel Photography via Design Milk

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