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The viral interior design trends sweeping the internet

Magazines are out, viral trends are in. This is the age of democratic interior design.

70s inspired interiors
Living room of Giampiero Tagliaferri
The viral interior design trends sweeping the internet
Clara Carlino de Paz
September 12, 2022

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The era of technology is truly upon us, and while interior design as a practice has been around for millenia, it is now being impacted directly by the flimsy desires of the online crowd. This is good and bad. 

On one side, it is great that designers get to see more design styles and elements than ever before. This allows them to pick what resonates with them, and experience ideas beyond what publications, schools or studios dictate as “fashionable”.

On the other hand, trends may come and go, but the elements sourced and specified stay. This is bound to be a huge problem in the long run, because contemporary designs are staying fresh and out of passé territory for shorter and shorter periods of time. As we’ve seen in the fashion world, a volatile trend cycle can accelerate production and waste, so the rise of microtrends should be perceived as concerning and something to look out for. 

To help you sieve through the timeless and the trendy, we’ve put together a list of our favourite viral interior design trends. For us, these trends are here to stay and are valuable investments in the long-run. Don’t agree? Send us a message and let’s chat!

01. Plants everywhere – we mean it!

Gone are the days of the inside and outside being delimited spaces. Now, more designers are betting on indoor plants to make a statement. We love the fresh and wild effect they give to a room, as well as the calming properties indoor nature possesses.

Interiors by Biombo Architects

02. More is more, minimalism is out, and maximalism rules

As we explained in our previous eclectic style article, minimalism has been on the way out for a number of years. This is not a surprise to trend forecasters: the pendulum between scarcity and excess swings every few years.

Interiors by House of Hackney

03. Sustainability is a must, not a trend

This might be the most important, if not the simplest one. Sustainable materials and earth-conscious designing has become a paramount part of interior design, and it will only become more important as climate patterns continue to change. Definitely an investment for the world’s future generations – and your own.

Interiors by Oliver Heath Design

04. Bookshelves as art and focal points

The news may tell you our society is lost when it comes to culture, but reading is never out of style. As a bonus, books are also a great opportunity for clients to show off their passions and live in a place that represents them fully. Making them the focal point of a room is nothing new, so we think this trend is bound to stay.

Interiors by Beata Heuman 

05. 70s and 80s furniture and architecture

Once hailed as the worst decades for interior design, 70s and 80s homes and furniture are having an amazing comeback. Think sculptural tables, low slung sofas, big windows, mid-century wood elements, abstract art… It’s all back, and we love it!

Interiors by Robert McKinley 

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