Co-founders Lori Bolon (left) and Matteo Grand (right

for designers,
by designers

Portaire is the fastest growing interior architectural directory in the UK and is creating a suite of tools to enable designers to easily manage their workflow, source the best products and simplify their daily tasks.

It all started when two friends from Sydney, Lori Bolon and Matteo Grand, decided to team up and solve some of the issues facing the world of interior design.

Lori is an Interior Architect who’s worked on projects of all shapes and sizes in Australia and the UK, and has established a portfolio of work featured by the likes of Vogue Living. Throughout her career, Lori identified many challenges and opportunities in the daily lives of designers and suppliers. This spurred her drive to create a company that could make the world of design more accessible and dynamic.

Matteo is a Digital Product Designer who's helped companies big and small from all over the world bring new products to life to help them better serve their customers. Matteo has long been interested in interior design and problem-solving; the perfect combination to build the technology and infrastructure design professionals need.

One day, the two got talking and Portaire was born.

Since then, the team has grown two-fold across London, Lisbon and Madrid. We pride ourselves in being remote-first, and we strongly believe in giving our people the flexibility they need to do their best work.

Wos is our Lead Developer. He brings a wealth of experience from e-commerce, media and fintech, and is responsible for building the tools that will make your life easier.

Clara is Portaire’s Community Lead. She started her career in communications and politics, and has since delved deep into the world of copy-writing, content strategy and community building.