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The designers making English interior design cool in 2023


english interior design
Design by Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler
The designers making English interior design cool in 2023
Clara Carlino de Paz
October 11, 2023

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English interior design has always been associated with a certain level of sophistication and elegance. However, over the years, newer generations have ebbed towards more simplistic schools of design such as Wabi sabi or minimalism. But English interior design is not over, in fact, there are dozens of designers pushing boundaries and reinterpreting traditional styles to create something totally new and unique.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the defining characteristics of English interior design that make it so special, including its emphasis on culture and history, the fusion of tradition and innovation, and global understandings of beauty. We'll also introduce you to some of the top English interior designers who are making waves in the industry today. From Retrouvius to Caroline Holdaway, these designers bring a fresh perspective to classic styles that will inspire you to create your own unique designs.

Defining the characteristics of English interior design

English interior design is a seamless fusion of culture, history, and science, where tradition and modernity converge in harmony. Its roots are laid in the 19th century, with the meeting of colonial global influences, machine innovation, craftsmanship and fashion forwardness. This unique era brought Britain to the forefront of technology and taste-making, thus influencing the practice of interior design for centuries to come. Today, the elegance and creativity inherent in English interior design are evident in every detail, capturing the essence of beauty that transcends cultural boundaries.

english interior design
Design by Caroline Holdaway

Emphasis on Britain's culture and history

Incorporating the rich cultural heritage of England and its colonial past, English interior design takes pride in its historical influences evident in every intricate detail. Cultural references are skillfully embedded, creating a sense of nostalgia that envelops the space. The Tudor, Regency, Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian era hold a prominent place in the imaginations of British designers, with each curated piece tells a unique story, unveiling the narrative of the past. History and culture intertwine effortlessly, breathing life into design choices made for English interiors.

With a remarkable fusion of tradition and innovation, English interior design showcases its ability to capture the essence of beauty across cultures. It is a testament to the expertise of the UK's native design teams, who meticulously weave together traditional elements like wallpaper, upholstery, and muted and colourful colour palettes to create a medley of historical pieces. From manor houses in the Cotswolds to contemporary living rooms in Mayfair, English interior design stands as a pinnacle of elegance and creativity that harkens back to the nation's interesting and tumultous past.

english interior design
Photography by Christopher Simon Sykes

The fusion of tradition and innovation

English interior design effortlessly merges traditional elements with innovative technologies, creating a captivating blend of past and present. By infusing time-honoured design principles with contemporary twists, English interiors achieve a harmonious coexistence of tradition and innovation. This remarkable fusion allows for the exploration of creative boundaries while maintaining a deep respect for classic design traditions.

It is this delicate balance between the old and the new that gives English interiors their distinct charm. Whether it's the use of wallpaper inspired by English country houses or the skillful incorporation of colour or old structures into a living room, English interior designers know how to create spaces that evoke a sense of elegance and modernism. From London to New York City, these designers, with their own studios and design teams, continue to push the boundaries of design, seamlessly blending tradition and innovation in both residential and commercial projects.

english interior design
Design by Marion Lichtig, Photography by Paul Massey via House & Garden

London as a hub: Global understandings of beauty

English interior design is a true amalgamation of global aesthetics, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures around the world. The beauty of English interiors is not limited to one particular style or tradition but embraces a global perspective. International influences play a significant role in shaping the concept of beauty in English interior design, resulting in spaces that are both unique and universally appealing. From the vibrant colours of a Moroccan riad to the understated elegance of a Japanese tea room, English interiors celebrate the beauty found in different corners of the world. This global understanding of beauty allows designers to create spaces that are innovative, harmonious, and captivating.

A tented ceiling in Ralph Lauren fabric in a Shropshire house by owner and designer Henri FitzwilliamLay
A tented ceiling in Ralph Lauren fabric in a Shropshire house by owner and designer Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay via House & Garden

Who are the best English interior designers in 2023?

In 2023, notable English interior designers are redefining the industry: Retrouvius emphasizes sustainability, Salvesen Graham brings a fresh, timeless perspective, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler excel in elegant design, James Mackie blends contemporary and traditional styles, and Caroline Holdaway infuses personality and character.


Retrouvius, headquartered in London, is an architectural salvage and design firm with a captivating history. Established in 1993 by Adam Hills and Maria Speake, this creative studio was born from a vision to craft exquisite designs by harnessing the potential of discarded materials. At its core, Retrouvius champions the belief in uncovering the hidden value within often neglected and underappreciated objects, ingeniously repurposing them in ways that are both imaginative and sustainable. By rescuing materials that might otherwise meet an unfortunate end in a landfill, Retrouvius actively contributes to waste reduction and minimizes environmental impact, all while fashioning distinctive and captivating spaces. Their website showcases an array of projects, spanning residential and commercial domains, which exemplify their mastery in designing with reclaimed materials.

Retrouvius extends bespoke design services for clients seeking the extraordinary. The company's adept team of designers and craftsmen collaborates closely with clients to craft tailored pieces and installations that align with their unique needs and aesthetic preferences.

english interior design

Salvesen Graham

Salvesen Graham is a comprehensive design service provider established in London by Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen, who each bring over 25 years of experience in the design industry, having trained with some of the world's leading designers, on various residential and commercial projects.

Salvesen Graham specializes in crafting designs that emanate a sense of warmth and comfort, providing a haven from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Their design aesthetic draws inspiration from the elegance of Georgian England, particularly in the realms of architecture and furniture. Additionally, they incorporate elements from the vibrant and intricate chintz designs of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, originally created for the English export market. To bring their designs to life, Salvesen Graham has curated its own fabric and furniture collections under The Salvesen Graham Collection.

As dedicated creatives, Mary and Nicole are committed to crafting timeless Future Heritage interiors, characterized by their classic beauty and thoughtfully curated spaces. These interiors are designed to be both stylish and comfortable, ensuring they remain so for years to come. Their rich design backgrounds grant them an acute awareness of historical and traditional interior concepts, coupled with a confident and inventive use of color and pattern.

english interior design

Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler

Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler holds the distinction of being the most enduring interior decorating firm in Great Britain, with its origins dating back to the 1930s. Over nearly a century of operation, the firm has become synonymous with the quintessentially English country house aesthetic. Sibyl Colefax's pioneering design philosophy, seamlessly blending the old with the new and the opulent with the unassuming, continues to guide the firm's seven decorators, who receive support from an in-house architectural interior designer.

The seven interior decorators, each supported by a dedicated team, work independently and possess distinctive areas of specialization. They collaborate and share insights as needed, granting clients the advantage of a team of experts dedicated to their project. Clients are afforded the freedom to select the designer who best aligns with their vision, all the while knowing that the entire team upholds the same exacting standards.

Clients find that partnering with one of the firm's designers is not only an enjoyable experience but also highly rewarding. Whether their preferences lean towards the classic or the cutting edge, clients can be assured that the project is customized with meticulous attention to their individual needs. The end result is not just aesthetically pleasing and incredibly comfortable but also deeply personal, characterized by understated luxury that is effortlessly woven into the design.

english interior design

James Mackie

James Mackie is an interior decorator, art advisor, and the founder of J. James Mackie Ltd. His approach revolves around the intersection of art, design, and interior decoration, creating detailed interiors that prioritize both beauty and comfort, striving for a holistic result.

Before starting his own company, James held senior positions in international auction houses for over two decades, including heading the Impressionist & Modern Art Department at Sotheby's in London and serving as a Board Director at Bonhams. His career included collaborating with prominent art collectors and facilitating the sale of significant 20th-century art pieces. Today, his company builds on his extensive experience, expertise, and academic background in architectural history and the decorative arts.

James focuses on the interplay of interior decoration, art, and design, and how collections can enhance a space. His goal is to create comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interiors through a unified concept. This approach is rooted in his more than two decades of art world experience and academic background, which, combined with a keen eye for scale, proportion, and materials, allows James to create interiors tailored to the unique needs of each client through a collaborative process.

A Home with a History: fun, frolics and rural relics in a former farm  cottage

Caroline Holdaway

Caroline Holdaway, an accomplished interior designer and project coordinator, specializes in creating homes that exude comfort and reflect their occupants' identity. She transitioned from an acting career and found her way into interior design under the mentorship of Bob Crowley.

Caroline's portfolio focuses on private homes for discerning clients, often from the arts world. She collaborates closely with Architectural Technologist Mike Etchingham of Etchingham Morris Architecture Ltd., offering technical expertise across various project sizes. Operating a small-scale practice, Caroline values client connections and a collaborative approach. Her aim is to balance restoration with careful alterations, emphasizing honesty and authenticity in her work, with a penchant for reclaimed materials and a love of vibrant color, aiming to infuse joy into every reinvented home. Her interior architecture style is full British antiques and sensibilities, with an eclectic style that can be recognised anywhere.

english interior design

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