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Focus SB: Where Design and Innovation Meet


Kitchen with Focus SB electrical plates and accessories
Focus SB: Where Design and Innovation Meet
Clara Carlino de Paz
February 15, 2024

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At Portaire, we take care in vetting and truly experiencing a suppliers’ breadth before recommending them to our community of designers and architects. In speaking with Focus SB’s team, we came across a story of devotion, innovation and design excellence. It seemed to us a disservice to not share it with you. Here is Focus SB’s true story.


In the realm of luxury interiors, where every detail must whisper individuality and harmony reigns supreme, Focus SB stands as a design partner rather than an electrical accessory supplier. With them, designers can match finishes across an array of switches, sockets, and control plates, which are meticulously crafted from premium solid brass and stainless steel. Each component is hand-finished and assembled by skilled artisans in Great Britain, ensuring exceptional quality and a touch of luxury for any project, be it a grand hotel, a cutting-edge smart home, or a historically significant building. But… How did we get here? What makes Focus SB truly unique?

focus sb
Images credit copyright Layzell Architects

First founded in 1979, this award-winning British brand transcends its habitual niche by acting as a bespoke design provider who can orchestrate designers’ visions into reality; something unheard of in the field – until now.

Their secret lies within their powerful in-house engineering team, lauded with a Kings Awards for Enterprise. Here, the magic unfolds as they seamlessly blend time-honoured craftsmanship with the latest technological advancements. Some of their team members have worked with Focus SB for decades, and now pass on their knowledge to new generations joining the company.

This artistic alchemy has birthed marvels like the Focus SB Smoothie®, the UK's sole truly flush-mounted electrical plate, and the Renaissance, a groundbreaking screwless flat plate boasting distinctively square corners.

But innovation is just one facet of Focus SB's brilliance. They understand the exquisite dance of design continuity, ensuring every electrical element within a project, from switches and sockets to control plates, flows in harmonious unity of colour and finish. This feat is achieved through their in-house manufacturing, granting them absolute control over the entire process, from raw materials to the final masterpiece.

For designers seeking utterly unique solutions, Focus SB's bespoke service opens doors. Hand-in-hand with the company's experts, they co-create custom finishes born from the designer's imagination, injecting an inimitable touch into any project. This service extends beyond mere finishes, encompassing specialised control plates and even the development of completely bespoke products.

focus sb
Images credit copyright Layzell Architects

The personalised process for bespoke products begins with customers detailing their unique requirements for finish and final function. Focus SB's expertise and range of services then ensure the company satisfies the customer’s desires, whilst considering dimensional constraints and conforming to the latest electrical standards. 

The company's project team is with customers at every step of the manufacturing process, from drawing and machining to bespoke samples, enabling design consultants to deliver award-winning projects around the world. Their services include face-to-face product consultancy; in-house project management; CAD design and sample service, including product presentations; custom finishing; and, specialist control plates integration for design and finish continuity throughout a project. 

Quality is an unwavering obsession at Focus SB. Their ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and SBID supplier membership stand as testaments to their commitment to exceeding the highest global standards. This dedication shines through in projects like Chelsea Barracks and The Londoner Macao, where their bespoke electrical accessories embed luxury and elegance in every corner.

However, if we had to put our focus onto one, spectacular project, it would have to be Hampton Court. Originally built by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in the early 16th century, Hampton Court is one of England’s most beautiful (and known) palaces. The palace remained a royal residence until the 18th century, when it became a public park to be enjoyed by all people.

focus sb

In the twentieth century, Hampton Court Palace became a popular tourist destination too. Tourists flocked to enjoy the State Apartments, the Tudor kitchens, and the gardens on a regular basis, among other architectural and historical attractions. However, by September 2012, much-needed rewiring in the Queen's State Apartments at Hampton Court Palace had to take place. Enter Focus SB.

Faced with rewiring a Grade I listed building while minimising disruption, Focus SB crafted custom plates and oversized floor sockets to seamlessly blend with the existing decor. Their precision engineering, in-house finishing, and collaborative approach ensured the rewiring met regulations and preserved the palace's historical integrity. This project exemplifies Focus SB's ability to deliver bespoke electrical solutions for even the most challenging heritage interiors; an ability few suppliers have honed to such a degree.

focus sb

So, if you, the designer, seek an electrical accessory partner who transcends the mundane, Focus SB awaits. With their innovative spirit, dedication to exquisite craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to quality, they are the ideal collaborators to bring your dream projects to life. Source them now on Portaire’s free, curated directory. Also, make sure to follow their work on Instagram.