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How to create the perfect office space at home

The holidays may have given us a glimpse into the joys of relaxation, but this month we’re going on the grind again. Transform your home study into a creativity hub today.

Beata Heuman studio space with bookshelves
Interiors by Beata Heuman
How to create the perfect office space at home
Clara Carlino de Paz
August 19, 2022

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No matter your job, there is something truly special about the month of September. Perhaps it’s because of the change in season, or the memories of starting school, but whatever the reasoning, there is something exciting that awakens during this time. Projects get started, post-summer meet-ups happen, and work becomes a priority again. New beginnings emerge, while the golden autumn sun still shines.

If you’re working on making this September count, we’ve got your back. To propel you into the best, productive stretch of your life, we’ll be transforming your home studio together. Because, in our eyes, the first step to make amazing things happen is to create a space that enables great ideas to float to the top.

In this article, we’ll list some ways you can make your home studio or workspace a fabulous and relaxing place to create and innovate. Rather than focusing on the classic ergonomics considerations – which are super important, don’t get us wrong – we’ll be looking at subtle changes that scream, or rather, softly whisper, “chic”. If you have any other office space ideas, let us know – we love hearing from you!

01. Ditch the white paint and go for calming colours – bespoke to you

The idea that white is the only option for a calm and peaceful space is an absolute fallacy. What is completely relaxing to you can be strident to someone else, so choose colours that feel in accordance with your mental wellness. If you don’t know what that means for you, you can try out different Zoom backgrounds and figure out which one feels most comfortable to you. If you work better via references, the colours below are some of our favourites for studios. Let yourself be guided by your own likes – lean into your taste to create a productive space. The only rule of thumb is to avoid vibrant, cheery colours – they can be heavy on the eyes, so beware! 

02. Add dark wood or timber elements for a timeless, classic look

If there is one thing we can affirm will never go out of style, it is wood. Sure, it has its many incarnations and colours, but the material itself has a flexibility and trend resilience like we’ve never seen before. Instead of going for a completely minimalist look, we’d like to suggest dark wood elements. They are classic, and evoke a certain mystique hard to emulate in other ways. A plus? It pairs beautifully with books and mood lighting.

03. Illuminate your work with statement lighting

Writing, reading, typing away… All conditional on a light that guides you through early mornings and late evenings. Besides your classic desk lamp, we love a statement light. It breaks away from the home workspace clichés and gives the room a more intentional look. What do you think of these beautiful lamps?

04. Add texture for a heightened, editorial look

One thing that joins many studios together is the lack of adornment and texture. Perhaps it’s because we associate productivity with a clean, minimalist look, but deep down what it creates is an anodyne space with little character. To break up the monotony of your room, include points of visual interest with texture.

05. Go idiosyncratic in your details

Give your studio something extra special with details that bring a bit of “you” to the space. It’s common for studios to leave behind the personality of the person working in them, but we believe that your taste should be everywhere you work in – including your workspace!