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Mad for marble

Yes it's true when we say marble isn't the most practical material to use due to it being porous and marking easily but that doesn't seem to deter any designer right now. In fact we are seeing more than ever marble being used in bathrooms and we're not mad about it. The once mundane vanity in a bathroom has come a full circle and is now often the centre stage of any home bragging the boldest and most beautiful marbles.

marble bathrooms
Mad for marble
Lori Bolon
July 14, 2022

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There was once a time when bathroom vanities were purely functional; a porcelain sink with a hot and cold tap and a simple mirror above. But RIP to those days because now vanities are an opportunity for designers to show some creative flair.

Pinterest is full of bathroom porn, so it can be hard to narrow down what your favourite looks are. From modern to traditional and everything in between, all we know is marble has taken the lead as the designer's favourite material for vanities. It’s bold, unique and comes in all different shapes and colours. 

Here are our favourite marble vanities right now:

1. Flack Studio 

We are totally obsessed with everything about Flack Studio. Constantly pushing the boundaries, this project is no different. From pistachio green onyx to the fierce movement of Arabescato marbles, an explosion of stone steals the spotlight in this Melbourne bathroom.

2. Hallworth and Heathens

In true LA style this all marble bathroom screams glam like no other. Sophisticated with snippets of mid-century inspiration, this scalloped marble vanity is truly unique.

3. Steven Gambrel

They say it’s all in the detail because it really is! This magnificent vanity stands out not just for its beautiful and colourful marble choice but also for its grooves in the marble and recessed metal handles. The chunkiness of the marble is balanced by the open shelves, and we love the lighting and mirror selection too!

4. Nina Maaya

An incredibly luxurious design by the talented Aussie designer transports you to Summer in Europe. Reminiscent of a European hotel, this sophisticated design uses classic Arabescato marble and ticks all the right boxes. Not to mention those mirrors and view are quite amazing!

5. Studio Hus

There is nothing sexier than legs; vanity legs, that is. The tripod pyramid shaped legs add a simple yet elegant detail to this beautiful marble vanity with an integrated sink. This sculptural vanity is beautifully contrasted by the soft plaster walls ensuring all eyes on the marble.

6. Anke Design Studio

Handcrafted and designed with soul and care, this vanity is the epitome of a soft statement. The strong veined marble is carefully and organically chiselled away reminding you of earth's natural beauty. Paired with concrete surroundings this vanity connects one to mother nature.

7. Flack Studio

The king of bathrooms is undoubtedly Flack Studio. Forever pushing the boundaries and providing mouth watering designs, his latest project in Australia is the perfect example. Featuring custom aged brass and marble vanity units, this bathroom is the perfect balance of modern and retro details.

8. Akin Creative

Known for his fabulous retail and hospitality interiors, Akin Creative can do no wrong. Release the studio one a residential space and this is what you get - pure magic. This all marble vanity with storage below, clever detailing and soft surrounding materials ensures this vanity is a show stopper.

9. Grade New York

This incredible formed Cristallo Tiffany marble sink with cantilevered top was meticulously crafted in Italy. The striking and bold marble is complemented with gunmetal tapware and set against a soft plaster wall, making this a compact but meaningful moment.

10. Maddux Creative

Pretty in pink, this stunning bathroom by Maddux Creative in Marylebone is one to remember. The beautiful pink marble vanity has soft edges harmoniously balanced with pops of green and Water Monopoly's brassware to create a whimsical and romantic corner.