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Our favourite fireplaces right now

There is nothing more cozy than curling up with a blanket next to a toasty fire and enjoying the warmth. 

electric fireplace ideas
Our favourite fireplaces right now
Lori Bolon
July 14, 2022

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There is nothing more cozy than curling up with a blanket next to a toasty fire and enjoying the warmth. Yet even when it isn't being used, a fireplace can be a focal point in a room and can add plenty of character as well.

So, we have gathered our top 10 fireplace ideas across all styles.

01. Textural

What’s not to love about a minimal and textural fireplace in your living room. The combination of limestone walls with the rough edged stone fireplace is a soft and soothing combination.

Axel Vervoodt Belgium Fireplace Design
Interiors by Axel Vervoodt

02. Bold and Black

This suspended black fireplace nestled in the corner of the living room is a serious statement that we love. An architectural feature and the focal point in the room, this fireplace seriously has that wow factor.

Decus Interiors Fireplace Design Sydney Interior Design Ideas Portaire
Interiors by Decus Interiors

03. Do The Unexpected

They say it’s all in the detail, because it really is! This split surface fireplace wall is elevated by the subtle yet powerful curved detail. And if that wasn’t enough, the curved marble plinth adds an extra layer that makes this design one of our favourite.

Dries De Malsche Portaire Fireplace Design Ideas
Interiors by Dries De Malsche

04. Embrace Colour

Given the fireplace is often the focal point of a room it makes sense to go bold with your selection of stone. We love the strong vein in this marble which is complemented by the bold pink walls.

MKCA Pink and Marble fireplace design Portaire
Interiors by MKCA

05. Keep It Classic

Sometimes it doesn’t need to be a crazy design to be beautiful. This classic and timeless fireplace is all about the beautiful styling to complement it.

Eyswoon Athena Calderone Fireplace Classic Design Portaire
Interiors by Athena Calderone

06. Interestingly Irregular

This beautiful and irregular fireplace is by one of our favourite French designers, Joseph Dirand. The bronze architectural form was designed for the Obumex showroom in France and ticks all our boxes!

Joseph Dirance Obumex Showroom Metal Fireplace Design Portaire Interior Marketplace
Interiors by Joseph Dirand

07. Part of the Architecture

Your fireplace doesn’t always have to be in a different material to stand out. This organic shaped fireplace is formed within the architecture and still has that wow factor in the room.

Luigi Roselli Fireplace Portaire Interior Marketplace London
Interiors by Luigi Rosselli

08. Make it Shine

This custom bronze fireplace, seen in the home of Kris Jenner, is truly spectacular. Original in its form, the bronze material will patina and age over time adding to its organic beauty.

Metal Fireplace Curated Luxury Interiors Portaire
Interiors by Clements Design

09. Historically Beautiful

There is nothing more spectacular than curling up next to a fireplace that is rich in history. The incredible detailing and scale of this fireplace sets it apart from anything else.

Historically beautiful fireplace Portaire Interior Curation to design
Interiors by Pierre Yovanovitch

10. Mix your metals

Both organic and metallic, this fireplace is right in so many ways. We love  mixing metals and watching them age over time to provide character to this uniquely formed fireplace.

Metal fireplace Interior Design Portaire Luxury curated marketplace
Interiors by Julie de Libran

We hope you love these fireplaces as much as we do! Tell us your favourite fireplace, and why, in the comments section below.