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Our favourite paint suppliers you should know about

With endless options available on the market, selecting your paint colour and Supplier can be one of the most overwhelming choices during the design process. Here we take you through our favourite Suppliers that offer not just the most beautiful colours but also eco-friendly and sustainable options.

Fenwick & Tilbrook
Our favourite paint suppliers you should know about
Lori Bolon
July 14, 2022

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When designing a space, perhaps one of the most challenging decisions is settling on the paint colour. On a high level, designers know what colour the interiors should be from early stages of the project, though finding the perfect shade is incredibly challenging. With endless options available and such subtle differences of shades, the decision is crucial to the success of a space. In one of our previous posts we went through how to select the appropriate colour for interiors, but where to source the paint from is equally as challenging. With new brands emerging in what was once quite a limited market, it’s worth understanding all the options available. Here are some of our favourites:

Lick Home

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Lick Home Beige 02

This young, fresh brand offers a range of pigment-rich shades and durable paint in matt, eggshell or exterior. With beautiful colours to choose from the paint is also Low VOC, eco friendly, water-based and wipeable, meaning it's good for the planet as well as your interiors.

Lick offers sample boxes for a small fee, allowing you to have a bunch of your favourite colours delivered to your door to test out in your environment.

Atelier Ellis

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Atelier Ellis Loom & Dye

Quiet, beautiful and breathable, Atelier Ellis offers handmade paint to help you tell your story. Their intensely-pigmented colours are designed to envelop you and create spaces that are welcoming and familiar. Offering an exquisite range of 74 colours, their paints are designed to transport you to another place.

With a rich knowledge of colour and how paint can tell a story, they offer online consultations to homeowners, developers, designers and any one who might benefit from their service.

COAT Paints

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COAT Paints Kitchen Paint Nomad

A newly established company, COAT Paints was created to meet the needs of a more contemporary consumer by focusing on quality, sustainability and customer experience. Offering high-grade paint, made fresh and delivered to your door, COAT offers a unique shopping experience with room visualiser helping you see the different colours paired together in 3D.

COAT is a carbon positive company offering water based paints that’s sustainably sourced. And it doesn’t end there, COAT also offers the option for peel-and-stick swatches to be delivered to your door for a small fee, helping you get a better sense of each colour in the right environment. What’s not to love?

Farrow & Ball

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Farrow and Ball Downpipe

With a distinctive palette of paint colours largely based upon historic colour palettes and archives, Farrow and Ball is a very well known and established Paint supplier. Farrow & Ball offer an extensive range of 132 high performance, eco-friendly, water based shades to help transform your interiors.

Perhaps one of the most exciting ranges to browse is the California Collection, their recent collaboration with the talented interior designer Kelly Wearstler. A palette of 8 new sun-soaked paint colours takes you to misty shores, palm-lined streets and desert highways of California with effortlessly versatile shades, each one crafted with an eco-friendly water base.

Bauwerk Colour

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Bauwerk Colour Lime Paint Amsterdam

Supplied all over Australia, the Middle East and Europe, Bauwerk Colour was created with a vision to produce exemplary modern lime paint in harmony with nature. Sourcing the finest pigments, Bauwerk Colour offers a beautiful range of colours for both modern and traditional buildings. Designed to sit in harmony with our surrounding environment, their paints provide an earthy and warm finish to them, made of clay and natural minerals. And be sure to know their paints do not harm the environment from manufacturing to disposal.

Fenwick & Tilbrook

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Fenwick and TIlbrook Burnham Overy

A Norfolk-based family run company, Fenwick & Tilbrook offers a stunning range of 240 colours to choose from. Affordable and durable, their paints don’t just look beautiful but are also water based, breathable and low VOC. Offering a colour consulting service for those who need that extra help, they have a clever calculating feature on their website to help you work out just how much paint you need. From colours of the country to traditional colours, Fenwick and Tilbrook have you covered.

With so many options available on the market, it’s important to do your research when selecting the right paint for your project. Not just because there are so many available finishes and colours but also the environmental aspect of paint.

If you want some more ideas on our favourite colours head over to our website to browse our collection.