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The 9 trending materials and finishes of 2024

Learn more about the texture trends of 2024, and what materials and finishes will dominate our feeds in the next year.

Recessed bookshelves. Mediterranean interior design.
Recessed shelves by Studio Haddou Dufourcq
The 9 trending materials and finishes of 2024
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 10, 2024

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It will be to no surprise that the team at Portaire is totally obsessed with trend predictions. On this occasion, we want to concentrate on the texture trends of 2023 – particularly those materials and finishes that are inundating our Instagram and Pinterest feeds at the moment. 

As a Community Lead in an interior design technology company, I am constantly reading about the industry and its best designers and suppliers. After a period of time, it is inevitable that patterns will rise to the top, and trends become something difficult to ignore. In this article, we’ll talk about the style choices that are marking 2023, together with some visual examples for you to enjoy. If you like this style of content, subscribing to our newsletter is a must! Without further ado…

What are the trending materials and finishes of 2023?

This year, it’s all about that natural, sophisticated look ever present in old Mediterranean villas and chateaux. Expect to see: plaster walls, painted wood, breathable fabrics, matte ceramics, reclaimed palazzo structures, sculptural silver, recessed wall shelves, classical tiles and exposed wooden beams.

01. Plaster

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: plaster walls are everything! They’re fun, beachy and pure Mediterranean chic. If you don’t know where to start with your plaster journey, we highly recommend checking out Clayworks Ltd. They have non-VOC, low toxins and high quality plaster that blends new technology with traditional building materials.

Plaster walls in renovated London council house by Architecture studio VATRAA 

02. Painted wood

Painted wood can go in one of two ways. It can look like a shameful covering of bad quality wood, or a welcome ornamentation to a great piece. When the latter is done well, the results are classical and totally beautiful. We love Chippendale-style furniture as reference, as well as the Chinoiserie popular in later centuries.

Wooden painted green chest by Thomas Chippendale at Harwood House

03. Breathable fabrics

There is something so special about a crisp, airy fabric that no velvet can replace. We’re talking linen, organic cotton, wool, hemp… Those materials that make you think of cleanliness and summer holidays. However, you’d be mistaken to think this is a June–September affair. As seen below, natural fabrics can work in winter, even providing a timelessness that other heavier fabrics cannot.

Living room and sofa draped with natural fabrics photographed by Alvhem

04. Matte ceramics

Again in the theme of effortless, cool interior design, we have the matte and unglossed sister of traditional ceramics. Subdued and almost clay-like, this style of ceramics is beautiful and a welcome change from the overly shiny style we are most familiar with. These ceramics remind us of the beautiful dreamscapes of “renderporn”, which tend to appear ethereal and unattainable… Until now.

Contemporary matte ceramics by Sonia Pedrazzini

05. Reclaimed palazzo structures

We can’t think of anything more chic and effortless than a decrepit palazzo consumed by ivy. The result is decadent and indulgent to the senses, reminiscent of movie sets where a tragic heroine must fight for her family’s legacy. Nothing beats the “old world” glamour!

Palazzo Daniele photographed by Slow Living Hideaway

06. Sculptural silver

In sharp contrast to the trends we just discussed, we’re seeing a turn away from gold and brass elements back into silver. However, in contrast with previous iterations of the trend, this silver is meant to enhance more natural textures instead of replicating industrial elements. The silver should be tempered with texture, like the inside of a pearlescent oyster, to give that lived-in, luxurious look. 

Silver Eccleston sculpture by K&B London

07. Recessed wall shelves

Back into the Mediterranean chic, we have recessed wall shelves. They look like the inside of caves, and they are perfect for any arches that need filling in, or shelving solutions that want to play with space rather than make the most of it. It might not be for everyone, but recessed wall shelves with popcorn finishes are a beautiful surprise for 2023.  

Recessed white plaster shelves by Studio Haddou Dufourcq via Domino

08. Classical tiles

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes and we love them for that, however, there is something truly special about a classical tile. Subdued and elegant, a simple tile can add to a space without commanding the attention of a whole room. 

Orson Classic Tile by Porcelain Superstore

09. Exposed dark wooden beams

Farmhouse, cottage, country, and Wabi sabi styles would agree with us: the beam is back! We really think it never left though, because beams are the perfect addition to any high-ceilinged space. Put a chandelier close and boom: the old meets the new to create a stylish surprise!

White bathroom with exposed dark beams by Allie Boesch Designs and photography by Amy Bartlam 

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