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TOP 6: The most beautiful sculptural staircases

In the Olympus of focal points, staircases always make a statement. Here are the best out there

Sculptural staircase
TOP 6: The most beautiful sculptural staircases
Lori Bolon
August 9, 2022

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In case you haven’t caught on, staircases are designers' favourite opportunity to make a statement. Often the focal point of a space, staircases are always having a moment. Modern, rustic, open, cantilevered, timber, stone; there are endless possibilities out there. 

While the world of staircases boasts of breadth and depth, we have narrowed them down to our favourite six staircases. It was not easy to choose, but wow, did we enjoy the ride! If you do too, make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

01. Vincent Holvoet

Belgium architect Vincent Holvoet, together with the talented Atelier 10.8, used soft tones and geometry to bring life to this design. The curved enclosed timber staircase with Tadelakt walls gives a tactile and warmth to the space. 

02. The Row

Leading in the fashion world, The Olsen twins' label The Row just opened a new showroom in NYC and to no surprise, it’s the most stylish showroom.The polished plaster curved staircase makes a seriously impressive backdrop for the showroom, making the space an immersive shopping and artistic experience for the customer.

03. Joseph Dirand

Le Jardinier is a contemporary, light-filled oasis in the form of a restaurant and cocktail bar designed by prominent French architect and interior designer Joseph Dirand. Known for his detailed and modern designs, this all-green layered marble staircase is one of our favourites. 

04. Alwil Interiors

From the polished plaster to the sculptural detail, this stair designed by Alwil Interiors is a true statement. Running across 3 floors in the centre of the house, the sculptural design acts as a feature throughout the home which is further emphasised by the beautiful Bocci pendant lights suspended at different heights. 

05. Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn

Gallerist Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn’s art-filled Upper East Side townhouse features a beautifully sculpted walnut staircase in the centre of her home. It would be hard to compete with the art in her house, but we think this staircase perfectly complements the art with it’s vintage and mid-century references. 

06. Fernando Carucho

Iconic landscape designer Fernando Carucho, who is known for his peaceful gardens rich with archaic allusions and monumental geometries, has replicated this magic in his studio in Madrid. Reminiscent of his gardens with whimsical and detailed layers, Carucho uses the staircase as a point of conversation. Crafted of lime mortar and Russian white pine, the journal through the studio, like his gardens, is thoughtfully designed and directed. 

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