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7 cosy interior designs to light up the holiday season

Comfort and serenity; as seen by completely different designers. Because holidays can mean a million things.

Interior by design by robert kime kensington
Interiors by Robert Kime
7 cosy interior designs to light up the holiday season
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 10, 2024

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Cosiness might be the most important thing a designer can accomplish at this time of year. No matter the reasons behind a celebration, whether personal, social or religious, this time of year reminds us all of the value of comfort.

To celebrate this international proclamation of “hygge”, we’re putting together our own list of cosy interiors we love. We chose them to reflect the variety of styles around, to show how all of them can be slightly bent to give off the illusion of warmth and ease. We hope you enjoy this article, and if you did, why not join our newsletter and gain access to all of our pro content? 

01. Isabelle Lomas

Isabelle Lomas is a London-based interior designer, who’s appeared on British Vogue and work for hugely successful projects together with Soho Works’ Nick Jones. This living room is part of her Notting Hill home, where contemporary elegance blends perfectly with mix-matched eclecticism. The living room incorporates the cosiness of natural fabric and plants with geometry, as seen in the octagonal coffee table and long-armed lamp, which creates a balance of soft and edgy. Cosy, but for the subdued, chic people among us.

02. Becca Interiors

Becca Interiors’ bedroom in their Bedford Colonial project is absolutely stunning. Starting with college-aged children and progressing to empty nesters, this project evolved over time as the family dynamic evolved. Taking a traditional approach from the start, the designs were created to strike a classical tone while leaving room for it to stay timeless. From contrasting classical mouldings to stunning hand printed wallpapers, rich hues were used throughout, resulting in a layout that properly fits each of the personalities beneath its roof. The bedroom is 70s retro meets modern luxury, with an incredible use of pattern and light firmly set in the 21st century.

03. Rachel Chudley

This North London Villa by Rachel Chudley is a lesson in interior design eras, as here the old and new blend seamlessly. From 1980s corporate chic in the studio to Wes Anderson-inspired blue hallways, this home is a magnificent example of chic and timeless. The living room might be our favourite, with the beautiful use of complementary colours and artistic wallpaper. Far from being a traditional vision of cosy, the curved sofa gives the room a decidedly contemporary and fun look.

04. Roman and Williams

This Brooklyn brownstone had previously been in the hands of minimalist, modernist-oriented owners, so when new ones purchased the home, they called Roman and Williams to give the home a more textured look that harkened back to the house’s roots. The studio concentrated on employing early twentieth-century elements to provide a sense of familiarity to the home. For example, a green Eastlake mirror adds a splash of colour to the living room's aged welcoming club chairs and braided leather stools. In the bathroom, that feeling of lived-in cosiness was achieved via the marigold wallpaper and ornate sconces, which add a touch of whimsy to the whole space. 

05. Buchanan Studio

This London home by Buchanan Studio shows how cosiness doesn’t have to be dark and sultry, but can instead be light and refreshing. In particular, this room with twin sized beds is cosy yet minimal, with an airy boyish touch that brings back those feelings of childhood and awe. The gold elements in the lamp and nightstand help bring back the room to a more adult, elegant place, but the overall impression is one of perfect effortlessness.

06. Robert Kime

Kensington is lucky to harbour this design by Robert Kime. The whole project was heavily inspired by the clients’ travels and adventures, which gives the home a feeling of magic and heritage money can't buy. Even the hallway pictured below is a total show-stopper, with its peacock, gardenia and butterfly inspired wallpaper. 

07. Kingston Lafferty Design

Kingston Lafferty Design’s brief was to remodel a dilapidated building into an opulent and sophisticated family home. As difficult as this sounds, they achieved this with flying colours. The classic structural elements of the home are expertly combined with brass joinery, and the mid-century elements capture the whole ambiance of the home. An interesting touch? The use of primary colours throughout, and the beautiful cosy rugs.