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Interior design projects we loved in 2022

100 articles published in 2022 – yet these five homes took our hearts. Explore them with us.

highgate house by maddux creative. luxurious living room. interior design.
Highgate House by Maddux Creative
Interior design projects we loved in 2022
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 10, 2024

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As our final hurrah this year, we’re collecting all the homes that made our hearts stop. Those places with so much thought and love that made us want to contact the designers and say “Wow, you did it”. If you enjoy this article, we think you’ll love our 2022 Design Review – so check it out right after this!

Jeremy Langmead and Simon Rayner’s 17th-century Cumbrian 

Located in the wild and beautiful Lake District in the UK, this 17th-century home is everything a collector could ask for. Every room is enveloped in delightful uses of colour and plaster, which highlight the amazing quality of the art and wood in every wall and element of the home. The overall feeling of the house is one of cosiness, warmth and individuality.

Maddux Creative’s Highgate House

From the stunning gothic exterior to the surprising interplay of light, colour, and rich texture in the inside, this Highgate House project exemplifies the studio's distinct approach and vision. The project included comprehensive restoration, decorating, and furnishing by designers, clients, and restorers, who synergised together to create something truly special. 

Maddux Creative focused on creating an atmosphere that mirrored the client's interests and tastes, as well as inspirations from their studies, trips, and collections. The result of this project is a house with memories at its core, nestled in a wonderfully lyrical setting.

Edwardian home by Laura Stephens

This Bromley townhouse is a lovely illustration of how whimsical and traditional can coexist. With louder, more inventive uses of colour and pattern in each area, Laura Stephens combines conventional design aspects, particularly in the internal architecture of the home. Every room is euphoric, from the restroom to the living room.

Emma Chamberlain and Proem Studio’s LA Home

A TikTok and social media sensation, this Architectural Digest tour of youtuber and CEO Emma Chamberlain went viral for all the right reasons. The style in this home is mid-century meets contemporary and eclectic. The design choices feel totally resonant with Emma’s online persona and her brand’s identity, with emphasis on the aspects that feel personal to her, like having a green kitchen or a chained chandelier. 10/10!

Marion Lichtig’s renovation of a Cornish house

Marion Lichtig is a skilled interior designer with more than 30 years of expertise. Her designs have a natural, uncluttered vibe. She balances old and modern elements in a classically modest manner. The owners of this holiday property in Cornwall initially desired a brand-new, contemporary structure. Local officials rejected that, so Marion was hired to design soft interiors that emphasised the home's structure and the enormous amount of light coming in. Currently, the interiors have a harmonious, airy sense with comfort at their core.