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Very Small Bedroom Ideas by Interior Designers


Design by Renzo Mongiardino
Very Small Bedroom Ideas by Interior Designers
January 24, 2024

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As interior designers, limited square footage and a small space to develop your imagination can feel like a total trapping. However, we want to challenge the notion that a small room (for us, defined as a floor space with little negative space when subtracting functional pieces like a bed) is necessarily a bad thing. Of course, it requires some consideration, especially in regards to storage solutions, natural light and the floor plan for furniture pieces... But that doesn't mean it can't be elegant and chic.

This is where the following 16 interior designers come into play. Ranging from floating table lamps to innovative uses of vertical space, the following creatives prove to us that there are plenty of ways to make a very small room feel like the ideal home. If you'd like to source beautiful, interior architectural products to recreate some of these small room ideas, check out our free curated directory. Alternatively, subscribe to our newsletter for more professional interior design content.

How do you deal with a very small bedroom?

Small bedrooms are full of possibilities. Looking at designers' suggestions, there is a common thread of advice. 1. Don't be scared of colour and statement pieces. 2. Optimise light. 3. Find storage space in unexpected places. 4. Organise the bedroom layout rest first, leisure second and work third (or never).

Norm Architects: Hallways as storage

Small bedroom storage is a must for all clients. Norm Architects creates extra wardrobe space by lining walls with shelves. While this can risk making the tiny space even smaller, we think a good creative director will be able to organise the shelves in a way that elevates the small bedroom instead of taking away from it. If you're curious about these designers, check out our interview with Norm Architects.

very small bedroom ideas

Beata Heuman: Small and whimsical

This tiny bedroom (when considering it houses two!) is be beautiful example of wall space used right. Beata Heuman showcases here the power of whimsy and colour, which make the space feel endearing over cold and small. Love.

very small bedroom ideas

Salvesen Graham: Cocooned goodness

Salvesen Graham's bedroom design is a wonderful example of how to use a focal point to create the illusion of space. By using two starkly different colours, the bed is separated from the rest of the room, giving it its own nook-like space.

very small bedroom ideas

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio: Eclecticism for the win

A common misconception about interior design, is that small spaces require simplicity. While this might be true for some clients' personal taste, others thrive in eclectic, fun spaces that reflect themselves. When we design out of fear – fear of cluttering, fear of "doing too much" – we knock great ideas out before developing them. So, if your client wants some fun in their bedroom wall, make it work (or copy Martin Brudnizki's incredible design below).

very small bedroom ideas

Clements Design: Wood for good

This space by Clements Design shows the power wood can have when contrasted with muted, neutral soft furnishings. The result, with its simple pattern of wooden beams, is small but terribly cozy, with a distinct hotel-feel.

very small bedroom ideas

Phillipe Starck: Playing with texture, making use of light

This hotel design by Phillipe Starck breaks many conventions that we tend to think when designing a very tiny bedroom. Namely, it is also a home office, and there is a piece of furniture at every corner of the bed. But why does it work? The sleeping area is bathed in light, and the tall ceilings give the illusion of extra space. Strange... But perfect.

very small bedroom ideas

Christian Liaigre: Superimpose textures with low height

In this design, Christian Liaigre uses different textures and materials without overwhelming the eye by positioning them at different stages in the foreground to background transition. This allows you to keep experimenting with materials without creating so much weight in a smaller bedroom.

very small bedroom ideas

Retrouvius: A cozy meaning to "boxed in"

In this design, Retrouvius uses a similar technique to the one above by Salvesen Graham. By "nook-ifying" the bed, different functional areas are created, thus expanding the usable size of the room.

very small bedroom ideas

Jean-Louis Denoit: Mirrors are your best tool

This is interior design 101, but Jean-Louis Denoit proves it works. Mirrors trick our eyes, which makes spaces feel larger than they are.

very small bedroom ideas

The Kaleidoscope Project: Cottagecore-inspired

Traditional cottages have always struggled with small rooms. However, embracing them and their quirkiness does something quite "Wes Anderson" to a room. This example by the Kaleidoscope Project we love.

very small bedroom ideas

Nina Bruun: Floating bookshelves

Instead of going for the typical, bulky bookshelves (that we love, don't get us twisted!), Nina Bruun opts for a lighter, more industrial approach to tiny bedroom ideas.

very small bedroom ideas

Yabu Pushelberg: Floating bedside tables

Maintaining free floor space is a great way to avoid the feeling of overwhelm in a smaller space. This floating bedside table is a smart way to do that.

very small bedroom ideas

David Collins Studio: Heightening the bed frame

Sleeping quarters feeling a bit dull? Add a supersize bed frame that extends vertically instead of horizontally. This will help move the eye upwards and increase the visual height of a room.

very small bedroom ideas

Sarah Sherman: Recessed dark green bunk beds

Sarah Sherman's beautiful bunk beds are beautiful examples of kids rooms done right. Warm, cozy, and lovely.

very small bedroom ideas

Paola Navone: The simplest white

If your client is a born minimalist, embracing it can be a good way to avoid clutter. However, it must be noted that this works best when paired with plenty of natural light and architectural features on the walls.

very small bedroom ideas

Renzo Mongiardino: More is more

Renzo Mongiardino is the pattern king himself. Rococo, Mediterranean, Indian, Colonial, totally out of this world... It doesn't matter. If you have a small room, you can also make it a feature by adding wallpaper.

very small bedroom ideas

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