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Interior design trend predictions for 2023

A new year of trends approaches us, and to figure them out, we asked our community what's on the rise. You won't want to miss this.

Living room by Estudio Maria Santos
Interior design trend predictions for 2023
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 10, 2024

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As our current lap around the sun comes to a halt, it is our mission to look beyond the future veil and see what’s ahead of us. In the last few months, we’ve seen little shimmers of what’s to come in the next year in terms of interior design and decoration trends. While we can’t prove that these will be the trends of 2023, we can already tell you that you’ll want to see more of these elements: trendy or not.

Bold stone

Over-the-top displays of bold stone have been everywhere in 2022, and we don’t expect them to die down any time soon. We have found marble everywhere, from the classic areas of the kitchen and the bathroom to unexpected nooks, such as coffee tables, shelves, door frames and fireplaces. Marble is a classic for a reason – this trend might ebb and flow, but stone is timeless.

Interiors by Estudio Maria Santos

Portable lamps

Our community was certain about this: the demand for portable lamps is rising steadily. In the words of König Design Studio’s Daniele Mancinetti, “So many brands now are doing portable versions of their more famous normal lamps. It opens so many opportunities... Place lamps in the hallways (most hallways in the UK don't have plugs), you can use them to make beautiful table settings, or on a desk that isn't near a plug”. 

Sara from Northern Lights, a luxury lightning maker, adds “(Portable lights) remove the typical constraints of socket locations and visible wires.  Not only that, but those that are suitable for outdoor use also allow designers to make a fluid indoor-outdoor design connection, which also ties in with the biophilic movement”. 

Lamps and styling by Old Faithful Shop

Bathrooms as wellness spaces

Since the pandemic, we have seen a new life being given to the bathroom space. Whereas before the bathroom was a transient state where people didn’t spend more than a few minutes at a time, it has now become a place to do one’s long, skincare ritual, meditate, and even get ready together with your partner or friends. Given this new lease of life and expansion of leads, bathrooms in 2023 will be bigger and better prepared for more activities (e.g. reading, doing one’s makeup, relaxing).

Photography by Ishita Sitwala at Jaipur Rugs store at Narain Niwas Palace hotel by Architectural Digest

Rugged ceramics

In line with the rustic and Wabi sabi aesthetics which have taken over our feeds for years now, special, rugged ceramics will be all the rage in 2023. Instead of polished, sculptural pieces, we see a more natural and primal look becoming popular next year.

China by Época Ceramics and photography by Architectural Digest

Moody interiors

Nouveau gothic has also been among us in the past, but 2023 appears to be a great year for this aesthetic. Grounded in dark colours, baroque elements and whimsy nature, the moodiness of these spaces is gorgeous, and will definitely be a staple in colder climates where that Oxbridge charm best shines.

Image by Dan Duchars/The Contented Nest

Scenic walls

Perhaps it’s the bleakness of the winter ahead, or the increasingly convulse geopolitical stage, but one thing is clear: people want their homes to be places of comfort and escapism. A great way to do this is via scenic wallpapers or murals.

Mural by Andrew Martin x Kit Kemp with their Mythical Land Wallpaper


Directly related to the rise in Valentino Pink, we have a new wave of bold, Barbie-esque interiors coming our way. Perhaps only around for the next season, König Design Studio says: “I can’t imagine (the trend will) last too long to be honest, it’s such an “in your face” colour that can’t last more than a season in someone’s home… unless you are Paris Hilton and made that your trademark.” 

Photography by the House of Adora

Chocolate colours

A likely successor to the sage green that has dominated the last few years, warm, chocolatey browns will be everywhere next year. There are so many possibilities with browns: from rustic and minimalist to eclectic or traditional, you can make this colour work for you.

Apartment from art Collector Casper, by Architectural Digest

Plaster walls

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: plaster walls are king! They have been everywhere this year, and we still haven’t gotten enough of them.

Walls by Kamp Studios in Vanessa Alexander’s home

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