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July trends forecast 2022

Here are our predictions for July's interior trends

interior trends 2022
July trends forecast 2022
Lori Bolon
August 18, 2022

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Summer is here, and so is our creative energy. After a couple of summers marked by isolation and uncertainty, interior design trends are responding with a newfound glee and boldness to our changing times. Out goes simplicity, in comes unapologetic personal style. Keep scrolling and find out what July trends you won’t want to miss.

01. Bold kitchens 

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. Gone are the days where the kitchen is purely functional. Say hello to statement rooms. From bold marbles to bright cabinetry, the kitchen is becoming the place for self-expression.

Hampstead Family Home by Kerri Lipsitz
The Glengove by Ashely Montgomery Design

02. Scallop details 

Curves have made a massive comeback in interiors; specifically, scallop details. Once thought as a passing infatuation, scallops have proved themselves as timeless accents that work in a variety of rooms and styles.

Greyleigh Residence by We Are Duet
Wilkinson Villa by Handelsman & Khaw

03. Bold patterns and colour

Half a decade ago, designers couldn’t have enough neutrals. Now, much more attention is being paid to the energy and buzz of bold colours. What better way to explore this trend than with bold patterned wallpaper and bright paint?

East Hampton Project by Ghislaine Vinas
Home of Design Director at de Gournay India Holmes

04. Sustainability 

It’s no surprise sustainability makes its way into our top five trends – although its importance goes well beyond a phase. Society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmentally responsible design. As a result, more projects seek to incorporate sustainability principles in their interiors. From material selection to energy efficiency designs, sustainability is here to stay. If you’re looking for some inspiration on sustainable brands, continue reading or explore what makes a product sustainable.

Aesop North Bridge, Toronto retail space features sprayed-in-place recycled paper fibre superimposes a frosted texture on the walls Designed inhouse
Garden Conservatory by Rose Uniake

05. Curtains as joinery

It might be a centuries’ old staple, but curtains in joinery are having a real moment right now. Instead of your typical timber joinery door, designers are gravitating towards curtains for a softer feel. You can get creative with different colours and patterns. Best part? They’re easy to replace if you ever get sick of your decision.

London Loft by Beata Heuman
Home of brand and strategy consultant Lucy Williams

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