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Rugs for days: the most beautiful tapestries and carpets for every interior design style

Rugs are a powerful tool. Versatile and effective, we’ve compiled our favourites so you can nail your next design – with every style.

Ashley Stark rug
Rug and styling by Ashley Stark
Rugs for days: the most beautiful tapestries and carpets for every interior design style
Clara Carlino de Paz
September 16, 2022

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As long as we’re around, we’ll praise the power of a good rug, tapestry or carpet. Depending on which one you choose, you can drastically change how a room feels visually and sensorially.

To support you in your quest to find the perfect rug for you, we’ve put together a list of our all-time favourites, organised by style. The rug Olympus, but with aisles. If we missed any design styles you’d like to see more of, why not let us know? We love hearing from you!

Minimalist and industrial

Minimalism and industrial styles are all about keeping things purposeful, thoughtful, and down to the essentials. However, adding points of warmth is absolutely essential if you want to avoid a cold, clinical look. Rugs are a fantastic way to do this. Plus, easy to change around depending on your needs!

Luxe and glam

Luxury and glamour don’t have to go against good taste. In fact, a little bit of gilded extravagance can be just the thing you need.

Eclectic and maximalist

Eclecticism and maximalism are going through a large revival right now, and a rug could take your design to the next level. With this approach, it’s all about colour and mixing and matching elements you love from disparate styles, brands and eras. So in the rug territory, we suggest betting on colour, joy and pattern.

Rustic chic

This is a style which has been picking up immensely in the last season, as we predicted in our autumn and fall 2022 trend report. This style revolves around natural, rugged textures, traditional elements and neutral colour palettes.

Contemporary and modern

Modern and contemporary design styles are the vastest design categories, as they are currently being worked on by thousands of designers! Some common elements include geometric shapes and a playful use of colour.