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The 11 best Swedish suppliers to see in Stockholm Design Week

Stockholm Design Week 2023 is so close, we can feel it! To celebrate, we’re taking you through the best, most luxurious Sweden-based suppliers ever.

Photography by Svensson. Scandinavian design. Interior design scandi. Nature.
Photography by Svensson
The 11 best Swedish suppliers to see in Stockholm Design Week
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 26, 2023

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Stockholm Design Week 2023 runs from February 6–12, 2023, so we have no time to lose! In this article, we’ll delve deep into the Swedish brands that are worth every designer’s time… To be exact, those that will be exhibiting their products in this amazing week-long affair. From traditional Scandinavian style to elegant, luxury and contemporary elements, we’re guiding you through a visual adventure of excellent design and even more sophistication. Are you ready?

01. Abstracta

Abstracta has been a leader in acoustics since 1972, offering a range of solutions for various environments and needs. From sound-absorbing screens and surfaces to furniture with built-in acoustic features, they work closely with top designers to continually innovate and improve soundscapes.

02. Designgalleriet

Designgalleriet, based in Stockholm, showcases new and unique designs. Since 2008, they have featured works by notable designers such as Bea Szenfeld, Monica Förster, Emma Olbers, Claesson Koivisto Rune, and Luca Nichetto. As a mobile platform, Designgalleriet presents relevant exhibitions when the opportunity arises. During this design week, they will be displaying cast glass objects and tables.

03. Fogia

Fogia is an award-winning Swedish design company and furniture manufacturer that partners with cutting-edge contemporary designers. Drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian design aesthetic, Fogia's products are crafted by hand in their own factory using premium materials and techniques, ensuring exceptional quality and construction. They specialise in creating pieces that balance elegant design with functionality, for both residential and public spaces, through a deep understanding of craftsmanship and construction.

04. Gärsnäs

Gärsnäs is a furniture manufacturer that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. As a family-owned factory located in Österlen, Sweden, the company has been creating furniture since 1893 and continues to produce pieces that are both timeless and relevant for today's and future generations. The company is driven by curiosity and a desire to explore, understand and interpret the needs, aesthetics and spirit of the current age. Gärsnäs strives to create meaningful furniture that is not only beautiful but also sustainable.

05. Svensson

With over 130 years of expertise in textile craftsmanship and a foundation in the Scandinavian textile tradition, Svensson offers a diverse selection of textiles. The company is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of quality, design, and functionality by continually developing its processes, technology, and materials.

06. Studio Maria Löw

Founded in 1990 by the Swedish designer, Maria Löw, Stockholm-based Studio Maria Löw specialises in textile design, art, interior design, and styling. Over time, Maria Löw has established a company that handles intricate design projects. Maria Löw's award-winning designs strike a balance between practicality and luxury. She has a wealth of experience in designing commercially successful and long-lasting textile designs, as evidenced by her numerous successful collaborations.

07. Tre Sekel

For almost 80 years, Tre Sekel has manufactured furniture of the highest quality with great passion for the craft. With a focus on design and architecture, they design and manufacture everything from kitchens and unique furniture to entire interiors for commercial and residential settings, all tailored to the customer's wishes. They are passionate about preserving and developing Swedish craftsmanship in wood and fine carpentry. Everything is manufactured in their joinery in Tibro, Västergötland.

08. OKKO

In 1995, Marja-Liisa Okko founded her interior design firm and has since completed numerous significant projects both internationally and in Sweden. Since 2005, she has grown her company by adding multiple agencies and focusing on specialized acoustic design. Today, Okko is a prominent player in the interior design industry with a speciality in sound absorbers.

09. TAF Studio

TAF is a Stockholm-based design and architecture studio established by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom in 2002. Since its inception, the studio has gained international recognition with a diverse portfolio of work that includes touring exhibitions, interior design, and commercially successful products for various esteemed manufacturers. TAF has been featured at MoMa and their designs are now part of the permanent collections at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen.

10. Atelje lyktan 

Åhus, a small town located at the edge of the Baltic Sea in the southern region of Sweden, is the home of ateljé Lyktan, a lighting manufacturer with an 85-year history and a collection of lights that have shaped Swedish design for the past century. Despite its accomplished past, ateljé Lyktan is not content to rest on its accomplishments and is actively working on creating the next generation of lighting.

11. SMD Design

SMD Design’s journey in the industry began differently than most - as specialists in materials and production. From this foundation, they have crafted a distinct, unmistakable design approach, characterised by unique and intricate details. They take great care in the creation of their interior design products, and in many cases, manufacture them themselves rather than simply assembling them. For tasks that they are unable to complete in-house, they collaborate with local companies located near their base in Småland. Their attention to detail extends to the design process as well, and they collaborate with designers who share their philosophy of valuing the small things that make a whole.

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