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Public Relations for Interior Designers 101: with Pure PR

Enhance your visibility and reputation with targeted public relations for interior designers. We chat with Pure PR to find our more about the sector. Don't miss out.

public relations for interior designers
Photography by Richard Young
Public Relations for Interior Designers 101: with Pure PR
Clara Carlino de Paz
April 11, 2024

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The award-winning London-based PR agency PuRe PR, specialising in the Interiors, Lifestyle, and Beauty industries, boasts a strategic, editorially-minded, and creatively engaged approach to public relations and communications. PuRe's Interiors division orchestrates bespoke, high-impact brand positioning campaigns for a portfolio of best-in-class brands in design and lifestyle.

PuRe has the privilege of collaborating with global design icons, including current clients such as Andrew Martin, Matthew Williamson, Brintons, Caesarstone, LSA International, Tom Howley, Thorp, String Furniture, and lights&lamps. The agency's proactive methodology generates compelling media exposure, supporting broader business objectives. PuRe adds value throughout campaigns with services encompassing copywriting, partnerships and licensing, influencer marketing, social media, and event management.

To learn more about their expertise and how brands can adapt to the modern communications landscape, we asked them some key questions that would support our supplier community in the years to come. Before we get there, let us re-introduce you to the topic at hand.

public relations for interior designers
Credit: lights&lamps, clients of Pure PR

The basics of public relations for interior designers

In the dynamic landscape of the interior design industry, establishing a robust public relations (PR) strategy is paramount for firms and brands aiming to enhance visibility, attract new clients, and maintain a competitive edge. PR services play a pivotal role in shaping brand narratives, fostering connections with target audiences, and securing media coverage across various platforms.

For interior design firms, the right PR professionals can serve as invaluable allies, adept at crafting compelling stories around their projects, expertise, and unique selling points. By leveraging their expertise, firms can effectively reach potential clients through strategic media coverage in trade publications, online platforms, and industry events.

A well-executed PR campaign not only boosts brand awareness but also drives website traffic and strengthens digital presence. In today's digital era, digital marketing and online PR are indispensable tools for navigating the design industry landscape. Engaging digital platforms and harnessing social media channels facilitate direct interaction with audiences, amplifying brand messages and fostering community engagement.

Industry events serve as fertile ground for networking opportunities and showcasing design prowess. Through strategic participation and active engagement, firms can forge meaningful connections with the right people, fostering mutually beneficial relationships and unlocking new business opportunities.

Partnering with the right PR agency or assembling an in-house PR team ensures that firms are equipped with the expertise needed to navigate the competitive market. A tailored PR strategy, coupled with expert commentary and storytelling, elevates brands above the noise, positioning them as industry leaders and trusted authorities.

In the UK, where the design industry thrives, the role of PR becomes even more pronounced. With the right PR strategies in place, firms can navigate the vibrant British market, enhancing visibility and amplifying commentary on design trends and innovations.

Ultimately, the essence of successful PR lies in storytelling. By crafting authentic narratives that resonate with audiences, interior design firms can leave a lasting impression, driving brand awareness, and fostering connections that transcend geographical boundaries. In a competitive market, the power of PR emerges as a catalyst for growth, enabling firms to stand out, attract new clients, and seize business opportunities in the dynamic world of interior design.

public relations for interior designers
Credit: Hyde House, clients of Pure PR

In conversation with Pure PR: London's powerhouse PR agency

How has the industry changed in terms of communication and marketing in recent years?

Fundamentally, PR is the same, but the channels of communication and commerce have changed. Over the last decade, many companies have recognised the importance of having a strong online presence to reach a broader audience.

As such, today’s campaigns often focus heavily on positioning clients in high-authority digital media to boost their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rankings, further establishing them as highly trusted, expert voices in the industry.

What are some of the most effective communication and marketing strategies for interior design brands?

Do your research – Know the journey your customer takes to make a sale. Position your brand. Make a list of aspirational titles you’d love to appear in, then, actually read them from cover to cover. Do they match your product, images and customer? Then look at the style of writing, the type of features, shopping pages, profiles, the names of the photographers – everything. Then pitch relevant elements of your company directly to the journalist who writes them.

To be more effective, understand the seasonality of the media – key dates, design weeks, bathroom supplements, flooring specials, and international design shows, as you don’t want to pitch your brand directly after they’ve just written about similar companies. In your outreach, reference previous features and articles to show you deeply understand their publication, audience and specialism.

Be an expert – Profile principal people in your company and own your area of expertise. Interior design is a highly emotive business and the creatives behind the brands can be very influential. Our living spaces are very personal, so selecting an interior designer or homeware brand is an emotional investment and often dictated by the brand’s story and an affinity with the person behind the brand.

public relations for interior designers
Credit: Medici and Pavilion Fabrics, Andrew Martin, clients of Pure PR

How can brands authentically build relationships with key industry influencers and high-end studios?

First, identify what you really excel at and why you’re important to the marketplace today. Then, you can establish your brand as a leader in the field, offering your expertise to key industry contacts. Together you can create mutually beneficial content such as Instagram takeovers, podcast interviews, and guest blogs, as well as appearing together on panel discussions or hosting collaborative in-store events. This aligns your brand with like minded ones, extending your reach to a receptive, relevant audience.

How can brands differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace?

To stand out in a crowded marketplace, rule number one is to establish your brand identity, messaging, and create imagery that illustrates this visually. If you’re talking to a premium and knowledgeable design audience, ensure your imagery reflects this with references to likeminded high design. Make sure you are presented in a digital way – many customers search online first or verify their brands digitally. And ensure all your touch points are coordinated to create a beautiful, cohesive brand story.

What advice would you give interior design brands to thrive in the future?

Interior design brands must plan for the next generation of customers. Remember that new or potential customers need connection to a brand (not just communication) so tap into their emotions (on their communication channels) and how they feel about their interiors – and think critically about how your brand can elevate that. If they can remember their first purchase and how it made them feel, then you’ll have them hooked for life! Encourage feedback and engagement and make the journey to sale simple – Great customer service will be the new luxury.

public relations for interior designers
Credit: lights&lamps, clients of Pure PR


We're so appreciative of Pure PR chatting to us about this incredible topic. You can continue to follow them on Instagram or their blog. If you're interested in this topic, you'll be happy to hear this is an excerpt of our report 'The Business of Luxury Interior Design Brands', so you can keep exploring!