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The up-and-coming designers you should know about

We’re so proud to have such a thriving, growing community of talented designers at Portaire. Check out their latest work and where to find them.

Interiors by Field Day Studio
The up-and-coming designers you should know about
Clara Carlino de Paz
August 23, 2022

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We asked, and wow, did we receive. If you’re not part of Portaire’s community, what are you waiting for? A couple of weeks ago we asked our members to submit their interior design work, and we were absolutely floored with the results.

Amongst the submissions, we found designers who are truly killing it right now, and we can’t wait to share them with you. If you’d like to make the list next time, make sure to join our community as a member and you’ll have the possibility to submit your work for our consideration. We love meeting new designers and uplifting talent, so don’t miss out!

Without further ado, meet the next generation of British and European designers.

Juliana Cavalcanti

Since 2004, Juliana has been defining brand strategies within various creative industries across Europe and South America. Her style is self-defined as “calm and simple”, with the highlights “in the details and textures”. The majority of her projects’ furniture is custom-made in her own studio in Portugal, with the rest being sourced from vintage suppliers and niche, small designers. In our own words, chic to the max. 

Rebecca Simmons

Rebecca has been in the interiors industry for eight years, and has worked with Kit Kemp of the award winning Firmdale Hotels in both London and New York, and Percy Bass, one of London's oldest design firms. Rebecca’s work is unique and beautiful with functionality at its core. We’re particularly taken by the blend of textures and classic elements, which blend together to create elegant spaces full of heritage and magic. Stu-nning. 

India Astrid

India is a London-based interior designer. Her experience is as varied as it is exciting; she’s worked in the editorial world, specifically with Condé Nast’s House & Garden and The World of Interiors, and she’s also made her name in the Kit Kemp and Firmdale Hotels design team. India’s world of interiors is bespoke yet playful, with a strong sense of colour and fun. Our favourite thing? The pattern layering. Truly superb.

Field Day Studio

Field Day Studio, founded in 2013, is led by Jessica Gibbons and Kat Turner. Kat and Jess have a wealth of experience in residential design, and there is a definite signature style that makes their designs instantly recognisable. Words like “authentic”, “timeless”, “mellow” and “layered” are perfect words to describe them, but the one descriptor that sums up their design process and styling is “thoughtful”. If you can’t tell, we’re absolutely obsessed.

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