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Time for texture

Choosing the right tap might seem like the biggest decision in your bathroom but it's really down to the wall finish that makes the biggest impact. Here we discuss the most popular wall options for the bathroom.

wall finishes for bathroom
Time for texture
Lori Bolon
July 14, 2022

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Bathroom by Hallworth and Heathen

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it's that bathroom designs are just getting sexier and sexier. What was once a purely functional space for bathing has turned into an opportunity to design some show stopping, eye opening moments. Whilst the need remains for a bathroom to be practical, the opportunities for feature walls are extremely diverse. From tiles to wallpaper and paint, the options for wall finishes are endless, so we thought to share our favourite wall finishes right now for bathrooms:

1. Marble

Nothing quite screams luxe like an all marble bathroom, and no one does it better than Jane Hallworth. This ultra chic LA home for the founder of Tinder, Sean Radd, puts marble strong veined marble on show and elevates it with a matching marble bath. If you’re looking to achieve ultra luxe, an all marble bathroom would be the way to go. 

2. Timber Panelling

If you’re looking for a warm and sustainable option, timber panelling is the way to go. Reminiscent of a calming sauna, this bathroom in London by Chan & Eayrs architects is both ultra chic and sustainable.

3. Brass

We’re used to seeing brass taps and showers but brass walls are rare. This incredible design by Taylor + Hinds Architects shows that everything brass is beautiful. What’s even better with this material is seeing the natural material age and patina with time giving you a totally unique look that evolves with the space. 

4. Stone

One of the most popular wall finishes we see is stone. Coming in all shapes, sizes and textures, stone has been a long-time favourite for its durability and optionality. Complete Works Architects have made a unique stone selection using crazy pavers, which is usually an outdoor floor option. 

5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is often the favourite pick for the powder room as it is available in endless colours, textures and patterns. What’s better is that wallpaper is a more affordable option than tiles. We love this beautiful wallpaper by the talented Phoebe Nicol.

6. Glass Bricks

Gone are the days of using ordinary windows to let light into the bathroom. Now we’re looking for something more fun and Studio Razavi knows the trick. Glass bricks have made a phenomenal comeback of late and we love the Art Deco feel they bring to a space.

7. Tiles

No one has mastered the art of mixing and matching like Kelly Wearstler. One of her latest projects, The Proper Hotel in LA, showcases her bold and bright designs, which she is famous for. This goes to show that mixing and matching tiles of different colours and sizes can work.

8. Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the sexiest of them all? This beautifully unconventional bathroom by Travis Walton shows that mirrors are a centrepiece of a bathroom.

9. Polished Plaster

Perhaps the trendiest wall surface for bathrooms right now is Polished Plaster. Eco friendly, chic and minimal, this wall surface is appearing in more and more projects. With endless colour options available and different textures to choose from it’s no wonder this is the crowd favourite. We absolutely love this tonal bathroom by GRT Architects.

10. Panelling

Perfect for a powder room, wall panelling is endlessly versatile and much softer than tiles. And if you want to be very creative like Flack Studio why not use floor tile as the cornice for an extra punch?

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