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TOP 5: Our favourite celebrity homes

Celebrity homes have never been closer to us – and we've picked out our favourites so you don't have to

Green kitchen Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson's kitchen by Architectural Digest
TOP 5: Our favourite celebrity homes
Clara Carlino de Paz
August 2, 2022

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It’s no secret we live in the age of transparency. Back in the day, kings and queens escaped smoggy cities to their opulent palaces and castles, away from the prying eyes of their subjects. Now, celebrities open the gates to their houses and let us into their homes, giving us a never-seen-before glimpse into the life of stardom. Mystique be gone, and welcome the open-door policy.

By looking into the homes of the rich and famous, we can do a couple things. One, gawk in awe and do nothing. Two, and this is the most productive one, take inspiration from them and build on celebrities’ interior designers’ ideas (let’s not take away from the teams behind celebrity homes!). All while giving them our own personal flair.

Keep scrolling for a non-comprehensive list of homes that have inspired us. If we missed one, why not let us know? We’d love to build on this list with you in mind.

Dakota Johnson

A TikTok and Pinterest classic for a reason. Actress Dakota Johnson’s mid-century modern home in LA is a wonderful example of conservation and personal style melding together. Renovated by the studio Pierce and Ward, the home is clad in wood and soft, dusty jewel tones. The furniture is a mixture of contemporary and vintage, giving the home a lived-in, cosy look. Framed photographs, art pieces and sculptures show Dakota’s colourful life and notoriously long Hollywood-royalty family, leaving no doubt as to whom the home belongs to.

By Architectural Digest

Sienna Miller

A “cottage” in the Cotswolds may sound anodyne for a celebrity of Sienna Miller’s calibre, but her home is anything but. Alongside Sienna’s friend Gaby Dellal, who is known for her eccentric and eclectic interiors style, both actresses have created a space grounded in the long history of the building. Gaby restored the house and built upon its bones with British, American and Turkish craftsmen, keeping the worn, homely furnishings and updating some elements in need of contemporary love. The style of the home is undoubtedly British and wholly unique, and the space a perfect design for guests and family alike.

Photos by Architectural Digest

Troye Sivan

In partnership with Flack Studio, former youtuber and current singer Troye Sivan has created a fabulous home in Melbourne that shows off his earthy, laid-back and idiosyncratic style. Filled with coarse textures and biophilic details, this home is a dream for those who see the home as a relaxing haven. Far from screaming “celebrity home”, Troye has opted for an understated luxury that embraces artisanship and nature.

Photos by Flack Studio and Architectural Digest

David Harbour

Stranger Things actor David Harbour and Gramercy Design’s Kyle O’Donnell renovated a beautiful loft in New York city, creating a contemporary, airy space that screams cool and laid back. During the 10-month project the builders revealed the skeleton of the old factory, which led to the incorporation of industrial elements in the home’s interior architecture. In contrast with the coldness of decayed industry, the flat is filled with orange hues and dozens of plants, imbuing the space with warmth and vintage charm. 

Photos by Architectural Digest

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop-founder and Oscar-winner, partnered with Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman and Williams to create a Montecito home that captured her commitment to sustainability and elegance. They took inspiration from old world barns, Parisian apartments and contemporary architecture, ultimately achieving a space that feels neutral and eclectic at the same time.

Photos by Architectural Digest

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